Spiritual Readings

Rev. Womb Priestess Antranette is a professional  Psychic-Medium, Womb Ancestral Healer, Social Worker, Certified Yoni Steam Practitioner and Omo Oshun in the Ifa Orisha Traditition. She delights in providing dear souls with Divine Messages, Counseling, Rituals and Earth Medicine as guided through love and specific to each souls Spiritual Court with regard to matters of life.  She uses Sacred Communication, Elemental energies and other Divination Tools in her practice. 

Below you will find a plethora of  offerings for Spiritual Readings for your guidance and support. All sessions are 75 mins unless indicated.


Personalized Recorded Readings: is a way to connect with Spirit for clarity,  learn how to take inspired action and heal your life now. A recorded session is  a great way of shedding light on any concern in your life, and for confirmation for what you already know is true for you. As well as gain spiritual insight, rituals and healing practices. You will also read your photo and scan your energy centers, aura for balancing and clearing as guided and recommend rituals , practices and medicine accordingly. Sh will connect you with Spirits as they present for support in your life currently and to give channeled messages. These Guides can be your Ancestors, Spirits according to your Ancestral Spirits Traditions such as Lwas, Orishas, Angels and Animal Spirits, Earth Spirits, your Chakra Guides and Womb Spirit, various Spirit Helpers and the /divine Mother and Father God as presented through your photo reading and channeling. $37 


Get Clear Soul Session ~ Clarity Reading:  Is a short, focal session, where we hone in on the issue for IMMEDIATE NEED or for DECISION MAKING. Where you can find clarity for the matters  immediately, through our conversation, I will receive messages unique to you through my Psychic abilities. Trust and you will find clarity and increase faith and the areas that matter most to you at this time. $37   for 20 min

Romance and Love Life Session:  Your Spirit Guides and concerned about all areas of your life, especially Love. They want the highest good concerning you. If you are interested diving deeper into relationship matters such as  learning the current status of your love life, if the person is your soul mate or twin flame, how to transform your love life, future love life and how to recover from heart ache this session is for you. $77

Life Path Soul Guide Sessions: The intent of the Soul Guide Sessions, is to continually connect individuals to their truth, to provide a voice for their own soul and light for their Life Path.  And by allowing Spirit to flow,  Spirit Guides will reveal the Truth.  In doing so, clarity and divine direction will be found. $77 

Spiritual Development Session:  If  you are one a person, who considers yourself to be  intuitive or feels that you  have a “gift”, let’s connect and create sacred space to explore together. If you are a person who desires more insight in your spiritual abilities, this session is for you. If you are unsure of your abilities, or wish to learn your primary ability,  we can discuss and explore this. $87 

Ancestor & Afterdeath Mediumship Session: This session is specifically  for you if it is sole  intention to communicate with your loved one in the afterlife. People seek after death communication, mediumship service for comfort, healing, guidance, certainty and closure. One can receive great peace  from  knowing that their loved ones doing well in the spirit plane. $77  

Angel Channeled Session:  This sessions is all about connecting you to your Angels. These sessions are very gentle. Angels were created in pure love and light to help us in this earth realm. They have divine power and are here for our highest good. They are continual interceding on our behalf. Antranette will channel angel messages for you through sacred communication and other forms of divination. $67 

Soul Goddess Healing:  In a private Soul Goddess Session,  Rev. Priestess Antranette creates a Sacred Judgment-Free space for individuals to express themselves through witnessing and reconnecting to their own Soul in loving truth.  The truth is, your are Soul Light. Yes, your are Soul Light, time in Spirit and gentle witnessing, simply reminds us of who we really are, our divinity and the truth of our own Soul Guidance. The Light of our very Soul. You are Soul Light.As humans,we deeply desire this witnessing, listening and space for life matters and spiritual healing through sacred communication. Individuals are free to share matters of their heart and gain sweet peace through release.  If you desire someone to just listen and recognize your Truth; this is for you, Love. Here you will receive gentle spirit guidance, counseling and divine coaching. $77 

Womb Divination and Health Consultations :The Intention of this session is to help women to heal. It doesn’t matter what you are healing from, as we all carry life’s woes in our womb. We will call on your inner knowings, your own womb spirit, Guides and the Great Mother Spirit to help guide your healing process in a holistic approach. Mind, Body and Soul through Divine Spirit Guidance and Earth Medicine. 90 min  recorded video conferencing session. $97 

What People are Saying: 

“Antranette is an amazing oracle with a gift for reaching the spirit and connecting to your real world situations and hang-ups! Beyond the spiritual and ancestral connections, Antranette is also a gifted counselor; she truly cares for those who reach out to her. I was completely satisfied with my reading and counsel session with Antranette and I highly recommend her services.” ~ K. Young


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9 thoughts on “Spiritual Readings

    • antranettedoe says:

      Hi Maria, I am accepting donations at this time, as all of our time is precious and valuable, after, our session, you search your heart and make the donation via my website or I can send you a link to Paypal.


  1. Jae Valentina says:

    I just had a mini womb reading tonight and she was amazing! She told me to get in tune with nature, something I love but never get a chance to really do! I mean this Goddess is the truth. I’m reaching out to her to get a full one,because I know she is who I need to talk too. I have been asking the ancestors for help! And she showed up! Thanks to Goddess Alicia Monet for inviting!


  2. Jacqualynn Leak says:

    Hello Queen,

    I have spoken with you briefly in Facebook. I am not sure which reading would be the best for me as I have had them in the past from different individuals but I know everyone receives information differently and uses different gifts to connect with the spritual world. Please tell me what you think would be best.


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