Healing Angel Word Spells for Daily Life


Spell work is simply setting our intention to bring a desired effect into our or another’s lives by attracting that energy. We use various methods to create spells, from complex rituals to simply words spoken with intent. At the end of the day, prayer is also a spell – or, to put it another way, making a spell is exactly like saying a prayer. All energy is Creator energy (God and Goddess) and we are working with this energy in everything we do.

The following are prayers from the book “Healing with the Angels” by Doreen Virtue (Hay House Inc, 1999) that you can use as “templates” to fit your situation, and they are incredibly powerful and effective “spells”:

Dear Creator, I know that my family member and I both have guardian angels. I ask that these guardian angels help us heal our issues and misunderstandings. Please help us release any anger or unforgiveness. I ask that all effects of our mistakes be lifted and forgotten by everyone involved. Please help me release any judgment I may be carrying towards myself or others. I ask that our guardian angels clearly give us Your direction, knowing that Your will for us is peace. Thank You.

Dearest Creator, please help my family member feel peace and happiness at this time. I ask that You send my family member extra angels to comfort him/her. Please surround our entire family with an extra cushion of Your Divine Love. Help us to relax and to have faith and trust. Please give us a sign of Your love so that we may release our fears. Thank You for all of Your healing love.

Beloved Creator, I know, deep down that my friendship with (_______) is ending. I ask Your help to accept this transition with grace and peace. I ask that You and the angels help me be honest in a loving way, with myself, and with my friend. Please help me be true to myself so that my actions stem from love instead of from fear, guilt, or obligation. Please comfort my friend so that we can both accept this change in a positive way.

Dearest Creator, I now see myself surrounded by loving friends with whom I share much in common. I can feel the presence of new friendships with like-minded souls, and I ask Your help in manifesting this vision. Please guide me to meet new people who are positive, spiritually minded, health conscious, and fun. Please help me to know that I deserve the love and attention of these new friends. Thank You so much.

Archangel Michael, I ask you and your helpers to come to me now. Please cut away and release anything that is draining me. Help me to life my energy to its natural state of vitality now. Thank you.

Dear Angels, please surround me with your healing energy, and help me to heal my cravings for unhealthful foods and drinks. Please remove my desire for toxic substances, and help me to have the motivation to live and eat healthfully. Please guide me while shopping, preparing and eating food, and give me guidance about how to live without polluting myself or my world. With great love and gratitude, I thank you.

Dearest Angels, I have made mistakes in how I have treated my body, and I ask that all effects of these mistakes be undone and forgotten in all directions of time by everyone involved.

Dear Creator, I know that You created me in the perfect image and likeness of Yourself. I ask that You, and the archangel Raphael help me know and experience this health in my physical body. I am willing to release all thoughts and behaviors that create the illusion of illness and pain. I know that You are omnipresent, so therefore, You exist in every cell of my body. Please help me feel Your love in my physical body so that I can know that You cradle me in Your arms right now. Thank you.

Beloved Creator, Thank You for sending the Archangel Raphael and the healing angels to my loved one’s bedside. I now see that You, Raphael and the angels are embracing my loved one. I picture my loved one smiling and feeling well. I know that, in truth, my loved one is well right now, and I ask for Your continued help so that we may realize this peace and health in our daily experience.

To My Creator, please help me to have a restful and sound sleep tonight. I ask for a guardian angel to be posted on the north, south, east and west sides of my home during the night. I visualise my home surrounded by the Divine white light of Your protective love. I am willing to release all my cares and worries to You and the angels so that the pockets of my soul are emptied for the night. Please send some comforting angels to my side so that I may enjoy a wonderful night’s sleep.

Beloved Creator and the Angels, I know that addictive cravings are actually a craving for Divine Love. Please help me feel that I am filled with Your ever-present love. I am willing to release any fears that would block me from the awareness of Your love. I ask You to clear away from me the beliefs, patterns, feelings, and thoughts that trigger my cravings. Please guide me to people, situations and experiences that support my desire to live free of addictions. I surrender all my cravings to You, and ask for extra angels to surround me with the light of health and peace. Please help me now and always. Thank You.

Dear Creator, my deepest desire is to be happy while I work, and I ask Your help so that I may find peace on the job. Please help me to be understood and understanding with every-one with whom I come into contact. Please clear me of any fears that trigger relationship conflicts in the workplace. I ask that You and the angels guide me to job responsibilities and tasks that match my interests and skills. I now visualize myself feeling happy when I wake up to go to work in the morning, and I ask Your assistance to manifest this vision. Thank You.

To Every-one Who Watches Over Me, I seem to have forgotten my Divine life purpose, and I ask your hep so that I may remember the reason I chose to come here at this time. I am willing to release all fears that keep me from remembering my life’s purpose, including the fear of success and failure. I know that I am qualified to fulfill my mission, and I ask for your continued guidance in helping me to know which path makes my heart sing. Please help me to know the difference between joy and fear so that I may immerse myself in meaningful actions that serve others and bring me joy. Thank you so much.

Beloved Creator, You have guided me to find a new job, and I ask Your help in noticing the doors that You are opening for me now. I ask for very clear and evident signs to guide me to a new job in which my talents and interests are used in meaningful ways. Please help me to know that I deserve a wonderful new job, and allay any nervousness during the interview process. I ask for extra angels to boost my confidence and courage, and to keep me centered in the sure knowledge that You are providing for me now. Thank You.

Dear Creator, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Michael, it seems that stress is taking a toll on me, and I need your help. Please release me from the pressures that I have imposed upon myself. Raphael, I ask that you cover me with your healing energy so that my body will shed the effects of stress. Michael, I ask that you cut away the effects of negative and fearful thoughts, including cords that are draining me. I am willing to release any habits of self-punishment, time urgency, or other belief systems that create stressful situations. I know that I have sufficient time and energy, in truth, and I ask that you help me experience this sufficiency right now. Thank you.

Dear Creator, Ascended Masters and the Angels, I ask that every-one who would receive blessings from my business products and services be guided to contact me today. I welcome new people and opportunities into my life with open arms. I am willing to release any negative thoughts, patterns, or beliefs that would lead me to sabotage new opportunities. Please help me to know that I deserve good now. Thank you.

Dearest Creator, I know that You are the source of all my good and that You provide for me in all ways. Please help me release the fears that block me from receiving Your gifts. Please help me feel the emotions of peace, gratitude, and financial security and to know that I am Your child upon whom You bestow great blessings. I now stay open to Divine guidance, which perfectly leads me to situations, people and opportunities that are part of Your plan for my financial peace. I now see and feel myself and every-one else as completely financially secure, and my heart overflows with gratitude and joy at the abundant universe that You created. Thank You.

I hereby sever all vows of poverty I may have made in any lifetime, and I ask that all effects of those vows be undone in all directions of time.
I hereby sever all vows of suffering I may have made in any lifetime, and I ask that all effects of those vows be undone in all directions of time.

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Sensual Yoni Flower Moon Journey

Greetings Womb Goddesses !

Come get the Re-play  ! Celebrate Pleasure in Yoni and Body Love  in this beautiful Flowering Moon Energy, the Moon is always full and the energy is every present !  Here we to connected deeper with our Sensual Soul Goddess selves through the four elements, yoni massage and sensual touch. We  Invoke our Inner Goddess Oshun, and feel deep satisfying pleasure, freedom and release deep in Pussy Power Magik all from the comfort of our love Bed. You just lie down, open up to receive.

In this Moon meditation your Yoni Soul will receive 90 mins of sensual journey:facebook_1498563081227


   Sensual Love Breathing activating Air and golden warm Fire elements within our beings.

   Yoni Soul breathing to join our Yoni & Soul Chakra  in renewing our Light Bodies.

  Pulling the beautiful Light of this Flowering Moon into our Wombs for clearing  and grounding in Earth.

 Sensual Chakra Cleansing activating our Waters.   

 Yoni Soul Wish Magik 


Soul Money Exchange  $23 

  1. Make your Exchange Here
  2. Fill out the Form so that you can receive the Re-play and some other goodies to raise your Yoni Soul energy and essence.
  3. Elementals needed:  Sensual Scents, Candles, Crystal Wands & Eggs of your Choice (optional)  Rose Quartz; Safe Free Sacred Space to invoke Sensual Freedom, Bed or Comfortable space to open, rest and release in Body. Coconut Oil,  Orange-Rosemary infused Water. An open heart to receive yoni bliss and ease in sistarhood.


Greetings Womb Goddesses !
The Full Moon on April 11, 2017 is known as Pink Moon, Growing Moon or Hare Moon. Its a beautiful moon in Libra for intending on harmonizing our Yoni energy and stories. We here in the Womb Goddess Circle intend to use this moon in such away that allows in receiving more pleasure in my life, more rest and rejuvenation, more harmony with my yoni as my guide.  I invite you in to  our Womb Goddess Full Moon Circle for Yoni Love, Release and expanded in Pleasure. The Full Pink Moon Release, Yoni Love.
Here we peel back the layers and allow our Yoni to speak. We give her a voice to share with us those early onset experiences that diminished our Innocence. We are innately good and we are worthy of Soulful goodness, to receive nurture and love from ourselves. To experience pleasure that only we can give. Its truly a gift from Godis within and without.
The vibrating number for this Circle is 4 which is foundation, connected to our root chakra. Our yoni, vaginal opening, walls and canal is associated with our root. Our self-worth to give ourselves pleasure and live fully is associated with our innate holiness. And we are worthy, we were born this way. We choose to release all stories that does not serve this divine intent. We are pleasure filled Soulful Goddess. I invite you to join this Circle.
Your Yoni will receive:
Meditatiave Journey
Energy Clearing
Sacred Messages
A voice.
Space to Be with her.
Remembrance of her holiness
Blessings on this Work, may we be held in divine love and light through the Power of our Higher Selves, Yoni, Ancestors and Iya’s. Ase’.
The soulful money exchange for this Yoni Love Full Moon Circle is $31.
I welcome you.
2. Fill out the Form.
3. Mark your Calendar for Apirl 11, 2017 at 9 pm EST
4. You will receive log in information for the webinar on Zoom.  (The event will be recorded, but please honor yourself by being seen and receiving Ase’,)




Baby Manifestation, Infertility and Gratitude Magik

Goddesses, here I share one of my Womb Stories on Fertility and Gratitude Magik that got me through 10 years of fear and Infertility. Plus I share a Resistance Releasing Meditation and opening our Heart to gratitude, Blessing our week ahead Live, just watch !

I thank you and I invite you to join in our Gratitude Womb Goddess Circle. Ase’.


Magikal Power of the Yew Tree: Death and Rebirth

The Magikal Power of the Yew Tree: Death and Rebirthyewtree
This morning my beloved grandmother came to me, she reached out her hand and touched my womb. She gave me a healing message. I felt peace and stillness. I saw her standing there on the side of me, but before she came directly through I saw an image of a tree branch with red berries, I thought okay, am I to ingest these berries, but to my surprise these berries are found of the the Yew Tree known as the Tree of Death. This tree has been found in north west Africa and Europe, and North American,its an ancestral tree, known to many including the indigenous folks of this here land. This tree has been planted at landmarks, churches and cemeteries. They have survived the Ice Age ! They have been around for over 4,000 years. The have the ability to Re-Birth themselves from within their deep hallow. They are also deadly, every part of them from their bark to the berries are deadly ! Highly protective and connected to the Goddess Crone and Ancestral Realm. So, today this tree came as a catalyst for my Beloved Mama to give me a healing message and to reassure that even as I face transformational death, I am simply transitioning into being renewed. Re-born in the creation of my mind, body and soul. So, I don’t face this death alone, all things must come to an end, to be reborn, to go to the light of dawn. To Be Healed. This is my Time of Death and Rebirth. This is Our Time to be Healed. Give Thanks ! Above. Below. Ase’.


Turning over a New Leaf, Fall 2016

I wanted to begin this blog post as a Dear Me letter, when I realized that this sounds way to trending for where my heart is at the moment. This right here is a Heart Moment. Today is September 22,…

Source: Turning over a New Leaf, Fall 2016