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Here are the links to my Guest appearance on the Radio:


Healing the Shadow:  Trauma of the Womb and Life through  Your Womb Energies:


Womb Healing with Our Ancestral Mothers:

This was a powerful show. Antranette Doe is a blessed seer who allows your ancestors, orishas, guides, or any other being on your spiritual team to speak through her to you and your womb.

My experience with her womb reading was something I’d never experienced before and still haven’t. My spiritual team came before me and had her sacral activated and her hips moving before we even spoke. This was back when I just started back dancing after a 5 year dance break {how torturous. At the time I didn’t see it as such, as I was an ambassador for Christ and sacrificed my gifts and talents for God, and the hope for heaven}.

She gave me solid and life changing information. Some which was confirmation and some that was completely new and made so much sense.

If you’d like a womb reading hit her up. She Does more than womb readings. Check her out and link with her. ~ Alicia Monet