What she said is all exactly what is going on and the white women that u saw is a woman from work that is dating my boss and she made him fired me 3 months ago and he just hired me back on Monday. .What a blessing day for me to meet and connect with sister Antranette Doe everything that is been happening to me is confirmed and blessed and continuing to be bless..my ancestors ..my spirit. ..my higher power everyone are standing by my side. .thanks God and thanks to sister Antranette Doe to help me walk through it and understand clearly my path. .I am grateful for this moment. Thank you ~Izza Koulamallah

Antranette is a blessing! I experienced three sessions with her that were deeply meaningful. Working with her allowed me to more clearly communicate with my ancestors and Angels. I’m still using my notes from this experience to transform and grow into my more spiritual self. I plan on speaking with her again. ~ Brandy Pratt

Great rising Queen! I just want to say I really appreciate you , your gifts, spirit and the ancestors. I did the ritual that you sent me and it really worked for me ….lol it’s still working. Fear of abandonment and being left alone keeps coming up and it’s affecting my current relationship. I am glad that my hidden emotions and issues are surfacing. It is a tad bit overwhelming but I am sure this is part of the process. Peace & Blessings ~SR

“The reading was awesome! You connected to my passed family members with no hesitation, you helped comfort me in knowing that they are still here watching over me! I was so amaze to see that my uncle wasn’t happy about the things I was going through in my relationship and how my grandmother understood that I needed healing! I haven’t had a reader so good in a long time! You gave me numerous information and I can’t wait to come back!” ~ K. Cannon

She is an Awesome Goddess and Healer. I look forward to my next session which I plan soon. I am still amazed but also most grateful to her for opening my mind and womb to self healing and freedom…… P. Mauney

I had a beautiful womb reading from Mrs Antranette Doe. This womb warrior is so on point. I am based in England and she is in the states but that did not affect her connection to me. Antranette picked up on sooo many things that she could not possibly know.

Mermaid spirit ( mermaids have been around me since forever) my mom who was born in Portland Jamaica used to see mermaids at the shore daily when she was a little girl.

I have now connected with an African deity who was surrounding me for a long time, after my reading with Antranette a spirit conjurer reconnected me with this deity.

I also had the energies of a very ancient queen in my left ovary, who is here to guide, bliss and help me on this path & healing of my feminine self.

There’s so much I could write. It’s been 2 weeks, but I am still feeling the energy.

When the reading started floods of tears were released by myself and I had the urge to strip naked, antranette confirmed she had the same guidance.

Throughout the reading we breathed, meditated, visualised and spirit was so strong throughout both of our homes.

Lots of laughs & tears.

This testimonial does not give my womb reading any justice, but it is the most amazing thing we as woman can gift ourselves.

I wish you much blissings and abundance queen/womb warrior @Antranette Doe. ~ CK

I’m Free, today I’m healed, whole and complete, I’m Free. No more chains binding me, I and I, on a journey. On yesterday I received my very first reading, GLORRRYYY. I don’t know how to put words to the feeling I have now other than NEW! I have so much to share. At 9am I’m working and my client watching Chef Jeff make a grilled watermelon pizza, I’m expressing my love for watermelon, 3pm message from my ancestral mother….Eat plenty watermelon it’s healing for your body…….a message from my left ovary that I didn’t know was there until recently. Described my paternal grandmother that I never knew just as she’s been described to me. Before the reading I didn’t understand my tears my pain but today I can honestly say I can. ~ Pamela Mauney

This was a very enlightening experience. I always wondered why I was so strong and was able to withstand so much in my life. I know understand what I should be doing. Connecting with my ancestors and loved ones was very emotional. Thank you so much. I am reading to do the work to heal and move forward in my life. You were so real. I recommend ner. ~ Davina Hawkins

Queen Antranette Doe, thank you. Everyday I am growing and not only that my physical body is healing. When I say yearssssss, I mean so long ago. You said I’ve been carrying stress in my shoulders, neck and temples. What you didn’t know is I’ve suffered, taking muscle relaxers forever……GLORY…..QUEENNNN, today it’s gone….I accidentally realized it while doing my hair. I was constantly turning, stretching and popping my neck. But I realized that the tension isn’t there. Feels so gooooood…….My grandmother’s hand…….Glory ~ P.M.

This sister is a true blessing. A vessel that spirit speaks thru. The reading I got from Antranette filled in many missing pieces in my spiritual development and showed me more of ME. I got confirmation that I am indeed doing exactly what I should be doing and that all things happen in divine timing. She touched my soul!! I look forward to many more sessions with this amazing woman. Very highly recommended. ~Yolanda Smith

This sistar is amazing with her gift of “Womb Reading” left me 100% confident with and in myself, more compassion, and even more love and resilience for self and a longing to let go of family hurt that was hard to let go of. I had a womb reading done by Antranette on August 29th and she revealed to me that I had 3 ancestors with me, with one being my Mother. I would suggest anyone wanting to connect with their self and heal from any and all hurt to connect with this sistar….Her compassion alone will make you feel so loved and connected to your ancestors and tho it wasn’t easy with the religious brainwashing that causes us such disconnect it was miraculously done in spite of……I will forever be grateful to Antranette Doe ~ Adira El

She tapped into a dream I had earlier this year! She described the dream and the woman in it EXACTLY! Hello!!!! Antranette is the truth! I give thanks for her!! ~ J. Valentina

Hey Ms. Antranette I just wanted to you about something that has me like omg wow lol so if you remember when you gave me my reading a while back you brought up school and I told you I was tryna get into cosmetology school and you said do it you even said you saw like celebrity status and the guy from Atlanta housewives pop in your head well how about this weekend I was in Atlanta for the hairshow and I took cutting classes and one of my instructors was Derek J from Atlanta housewives it didn’t dawn on me until I got back to my hotel room that night and I was like wow is this what ms Antranette saw lol it’s amazing how life works I guess I’m taking the right steps lol but I just wanted to share that with you!!! ~  Chissolssi Crawford
“Antranette is an amazing oracle with a gift for reaching the spirit and connecting to your real world situations and hang-ups! Beyond the spiritual and ancestral connections, Antranette is also a gifted counselor; she truly cares for those who reach out to her. I was completely satisfied with my reading and counsel session with Antranette and I highly recommend her services.” ~~Hero
I’m still very much 🔥🔥🔥🔥up about my Last Show. Since then my meditation has shifted to higher heights. I’ve been making it a habit to call forth my most benevolent Ancestral Mothers throughout the day.
Listen if ONE SiStar who acknowledges, Accepts, and is In Tune with Her Ancesteral Mothers brings forth as much power as  Antranette Doe IMAGINE how much more powerful we are once we CELEBRATE WHO WE TRULY ARE AND WALK IN OUR DIVINITY!!!!!!!!
~~~Married2Change Radio: Divine Inspiration  with Hostess Alicia Monet 
I just had a mini womb reading tonight and she was amazing! She told me to get in tune with nature, something I love but never get a chance to really do! I mean this Goddess is the truth. I’m reaching out to her to get a full one,because I know she is who I need to talk too. I have been asking the ancestors for help! And she showed up! Thanks to Goddess Alicia Monet for inviting! ~Jae Valentina
I had the great pleasure of experiencing a past life reading with Antranette.. It was amazing and an eye opening experience..Antranette is very gifted and was able to channel my ancestors and bring forth the messages they had for me.. I could feel their energy thru her and knew she was speaking truth.. This is the best experience I’ve had so far with a reading and highly recommend that you contact her one today!!
“I was recently introduced to a Sistar who is a powerful Womb Warrior. She offered her womb reading services and it felt right so I scheduled a session. I Am so thankful that I did. This reading was a powerful reminder of all I AM and ALL that I Am doing and will do in LIFE.”  ~Married2Change Radio: Divine Inspiration  with Hostess Alicia Monet 
I would like to thank my spiritual dream (God, Oshun, Arch Angels, guardian angels, spiritual guides/Ancestors) and my sistar Antranette Doe for helping me last night. You brought so much clarity to my situation. Thank you for sending a message of hope to me. I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart. That message is on time and I will be obedient to the word. Oshun takes care of her children and I am so grateful that when my hands are tied the spiritual takes over. Light and love sis!
 Had a reading with this sistar Antranettte and she is the TRUTH okay! Very gifted sistar and I HIGHLY recommend her if you are feeling like you need any help or clarity or anything! This is the sistar for you! Thanks Queen for blessing me!
 What a gift you have, Lady Antranette! I’m still full ☺. No words can explain , but once I’ve had my time to digest this, as you’ve directed. Thank you so much, Dear Lady. I’ll be back.~Anonymous
I just want to thank Antranette for being a vessel of messages from God, Angels and My Ancestors who delivered peace, hope and strength to me.I’m soooo relieved and thankful. Glory~ NB

I recommend Antranette for a reading she is fantastic

Thanks so much for the reading. It was so helpful and really was the catalyst for me to stop hiding myself and begin to walk fully in my purpose and my life.~ Anonymous
It was spot on and serves as a reminder, I can reference when in doubt. I always thought that the Bear was my spirit animal for some reason. Your reading was excellent
YOU ARE AWESOME! Thanks so much for taking the time and energy with me. —– Peace and blessings.  ~ Anonymous
My reading with Ms. Antranette was amazing, I actually wrote down a few things I wanted to talk to her about before it even started but once we got on the phone she jumped right in and covered everything I had written down without me even saying a word it brought tears to my eyes I was completely blown away this was my first time ever getting a reading and it was a great experience I will definitely continue to come to Ms. Antranette for my readings and I will definitely be recommending her to everyone, she is truly a blessing the call ended with me feeling like finally I’m on the right path! Thank you soooo much for sharing your gift with me Ms.Antranette!!! – Chissolssi Crawford
I am so happy to have connected with this very special woman. The burning questions within my heart and mind were answered within minutes. The Universe brought us together at the right time and for this I am so very grateful. I have been floating since our meeting and I also have a sense of strength that I wasn’t able to bring forth. Thank you again for making yourself available and sharing your gift with great clarity and sensitivity. Sending you much love and energy in your future endeavors. ~ CS
 Antranette has been a God sent for me, her insights are very intuitive and also completely relate to what I am currently going through. I was amazed at the information that she gave me, some were things that I had discussed with only my closest friend. I really feel that my spiritual guides, and higher self were communicating with me and her advice has been very useful as far as daily practices and prayers that I have implemented in my daily life. I’m very thankful that I found her.

The timing of connecting with Antranette was divinely orchestrated. We set our connection with intention and opened to what would divinely come about. What happened was absolute affirmation on so many happenings in my life and insight into things I knew but needed a little bit of dusting off for clarity. I am so thankFULL to have connected with Antranette. After our reading I felt like could take a full breath and could BOLDLY step into all that was presenting itself. Her gifts strengthened and encouraged mine. That is a priceless service. Antranette’s gift is present and she is willing to share if our intentions are aligned with the Divine. ~ Lauren P.

Antranette Doe is a Wonderful Person To Converse With And Is Very Passionate About Helping Women To Become The Best Version Of Themselves. Antranette had Great Ideas For Me On How To Expand My Creativity Within My Businesses.
Thank You Antranette For Your Insight And Advice.

Sharae Thompson, CEO,
Triple Eigch Pharmacy

I just wanted to thank you so much for the insight on a vision I have for a workshop. It’s always a blessing to receive vital advice and that’s what you gave. You helped me expand and really think threw ideas I didn’t even imagine. I thank you and you will truly continue to help others with your words of wisdom. That’s your gift so please continue to share it! Thank you again,

Rae Coleman, owner of Enhanced Creativity

4 thoughts on “Testimonies

  1. Christina says:

    I would like to thank you for the wonderful insight on how to consecrate my vision/spiritual board…I have rearranged my vision board the way you suggested and I feel a much deeper connection to my board and believe everything. I placed on it will to fruition in my life…Thank you for sharing your wisdom!


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  2. Davina says:

    This was a very enlightening experience. I always wondered why I was so strong and was able to withstand so much in my life. I know understand what I should be doing. Connecting with my ancestors and loved ones was very emotional. Thank you so much. I am reading to do the work to heal and move forward in my life. You were so real. I recommend her


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