Womb Goddess Immersion: Divination, Nurture, Wellness and Alchemy

Our Womb is a living cosmic center full of life-giving energy, it’s our privilege to tend to Her garden as She is the utter reflection of our lives; offering divine guidance, holy wholeness, and pleasure. She has always been here, as she mirrors the Great Cosmic Womb of the Universe for which we are all held; tuning in to Her energies harmonize the feminine system and ultimately divinely sources our lives in a wealth of Blessings. As a Womb Priestess, Practitioner and Devotee, I am here to support this connection, devotion, alchemy, and your personal Womb Goddess Lifeway.
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In these sessions, In these sessions, I channel, transmit, bless and offer divine guidance and solutions that will nourish harmony in their feminine energy system through living from Womb Source, Divine Love and Miracle Energy and Cyclic Womb Goddess Energies with the support of Nature’s Medicine; blood Ancestral Mothers and thee Mother Goddess Spirit of All–HER. Mother Goddess energy presents through the Deity, Saints, Guides, Goddesses and Archetypes that is specific to the spiritual court, chosen of their own Feminine Soul and what is necessary at the time for Feminine Wholeness. I call in Wisdom from their Higher Self, Womb Spirit and Feminine Organs for the ultimate Womb Goddess experience. Women come to me for private Devotionals in areas of physical womb wellness, fertility and loss, pregnancy and postpartum support and Womb Goddess Alchemy to create the life they desire.

Here is how this looks:

I will  channel messages from the energy of your organs as they present; for women who no longer have their physical organs, the energy is still very much  present and if it needs healing it will show.

I will connect with Ancestral Mother Spirit on the your behalf and sometimes, a specific Mother will present and give Energy for your healing directives of their own.
I  will connect you with spiritual Womb rituals.
I will do an overall Energy Scan of all of the Chakras and Aura for healing and messaging.
I  will also channel a Message from your very own Womb Spirit herself, as our Womb has consciousness as well and can give directives for life and healing.
I will channel Messages specifically for the Mind, Body, and Soul; these are spiritual guidance and directives for healing ones spiritual and physical Womb.
I will tell you which Goddesses or Feminine Deities presenting with you as well as other tools including, the best Moon and Womb Cycle phases, elements, crystal, herbs, oils and spices to work with spiritually and for physical womb healing.
I  will connect you with Soul babies that present who have crossed or who are ready to come to the Earth; given the Intention and presentation as guided.

Healing Womb Dis-ease:

To address womb dis-ease we first connect with your Spiritual Womb to determine the underlying Influences through womb divination and then lean into your plan for Physical Womb Health through womb health consultations and natural medicine as needed, as this is a Holistic Womb Healing and Goddess lifestyle approach. I am a Omo Oshun Priestess and have access to traditional African healing,  Maternal Child Health Social Worker, Rev. Womb Priestess and Certified Yoni Steam Practitioner through the Yoni Steam Institute  and can assist in healing physical conditions such as fibroids, endometriosis, ovarian cysts and other womb conditions.

 Fertility Concerns and Loss: 

I can connect with Soul Babies that present who have crossed or who are ready to come to the Earth, if this is your concern for Healing. We can discuss setting up fertility altars and spiritual and wellness matters around conception as well as memorlaization for healing loss of all kinds, including abortions,  if this is where your healing starts and connecting with with your Soul baby for Messages. In addition, to the services aforementioned above in regards to your Spiritual Supports and balancing Messages, Mind, Body and Soul at this stage in your Womb Journey. I’m currently enrolled in a Breavment Doula program for further transmission and informational support.

Pregnant and Postpartum Mamas:

I will specialize this to your needs such as holding space for you for moral support and witnessing you as a new mother, do energy healing and clearing for you and baby, get Divine Messages from baby, suggest all the tools to work with such has crystals, elements, herbs, teas for at home Yoni Steaming after delivery,  breast feeding support, PostpartumDoula support from the Southern Tradition. In addition, to the services aforementioned above in regards to your Spiritual Supports and balancing Messages, Mind, Body and Soul at this stage in your Womb Journey.

Womb Goddess Life  Alchemy: I  will support you in luscious feminine conjure and co-creating your life through feminine ritual, practices in devotion for the fulfillment and magikal manifestation of your divine given desires. Know this Goddess… Your Womb is your Cauldron. Your Word is your Wand. Your Feminine Essence is your Source. Your Yoni is the Way. Your  potency and power lives in your Womb Goddess Devotion. There’s a feminine mystery and miraculous magikal manifesting that lives here… I can show you how… I promise … you will feel good, surrendered and expanded in this life way of divine feminine love.

Contact me by filling out the form to inquire about your Initial Womb Goddess Immersion Session.

Partner with me

We will do the Initial full session, and follow up sessions for additional spiritual directives,  emotional support,  healing, accountability and womb medicine and feminine conjure and so that you can be witnessed loving for your efforts and held in healing light for renewed strength, soft faith and grace for ongoing support in your Womb Goddess Healing and Life Alchemy.

*Payment plan available upon request.

What Goddesses are saying:

My reading today with Priestess Antranette was just WOW Wow Wow!!! I’ve been getting readings done by her since 2015 & she still manages to blows my mind with the messages and information that comes through. I always write down things I want to go over before the reading even starts and it never fails she covers everything I have written down without me mentioning anything to her, the good, the bad, the beautiful & the ugly!  Priestess Antranettte gave me so much during this reading, the messages really resonated with my soul, things I felt unsure about I gained clarity & knowledge! I’m the type of person who needs to know the steps to take in order to get to where I need to be &  Priestess Antranette gave me the STEPS steps lol when I tell you she gave me the business on how to get this work done she was not playing she made sure I knew what I needed to do moving forward! I can tell she really wants to help me get to where I need to be and for that I am so so grateful I Ieft this reading feeling empowered & truly blessed to have crossed paths with a great woman who has an amazing gift I will continue to get my readings done by her!!! – Chissolssi C.

Antranette is a blessing! I experienced three sessions with her that were deeply meaningful. Working with her allowed me to more clearly communicate with my ancestors and Angels. I’m still using my notes from this experience to transform and grow into my more spiritual self. I plan on speaking with her again. ~ Brandy Pratt

I just had my first Womb healing session with Sister Antranette and it was just Amazing and I feel so uplifted and clear. I would recommend anyone who wants a womb healing to seek her out she’s really good. ~ Charlene M.

Powerful powerful Goddess. I am speechless
Antranette Doe ♡  C.L.

“I was recently introduced to a Sistar who is a powerful Womb Warrior. She offered her womb reading services and it felt right so I scheduled a session. I Am so thankful that I did. This reading was a powerful reminder of all I AM and ALL that I Am doing and will do in LIFE.”  ~Married2Change Radio: Divine Inspiration  with Hostess Alicia Monet 

This sistar is amazing with her gift of “Womb Reading” left me 100% confident with and in myself, more compassion, and even more love and resilience for self and a longing to let go of family hurt that was hard to let go of. I had a womb reading done by Antranette on August 29th and she revealed to me that I had 3 ancestors with me, with one being my Mother. I would suggest anyone wanting to connect with their self and heal from any and all hurt to connect with this sistar….Her compassion alone will make you feel so loved and connected to your ancestors and tho it wasn’t easy with the religious brainwashing that causes us such disconnect it was miraculously done in spite of……I will forever be grateful to Antranette Doe ~ Adira El

Book your session by filling out the form: 

Priestess Antranette will be contact you within 24 hours of your request, to begin. Thank you !


7 thoughts on “Womb Goddess Immersion: Divination, Nurture, Wellness and Alchemy

  1. Jae Valentina says:

    She tapped into a dream I had earlier this year! She described the dream and the woman in it EXACTLY! Hello!!!! Antranette is the truth! I give thanks for her!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Pamela Mauney says:

    I’m Free, today I’m healed, whole and complete, I’m Free. No more chains binding me, I and I, on a journey. On yesterday I received my very first reading, GLORRRYYY. I don’t know how to put words to the feeling I have now other than NEW! I have so much to share. At 9am I’m working and my client watching Chef Jeff make a grilled watermelon pizza, I’m expressing my love for watermelon, 3pm message from my ancestral mother….Eat plenty watermelon it’s healing for your body…….a message from my left ovary that I didn’t know was there until recently. Described my paternal grandmother that I never knew just as she’s been described to me. Before the reading I didn’t understand my tears my pain but today I can honestly say I can.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Brandy says:

    Antranette is a blessing! I experienced three sessions with her that were deeply meaningful. Working with her allowed me to more clearly communicate with my ancestors and Angels. I’m still using my notes from this experience to transform and grow into my more spiritual self. I plan on speaking with her again.


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