Payments are accepted Prior to conducting  consults, and Altar Work please follow the instructions that was provided to you.

AVAILABILITY:    Iya Antranette is open for service at this time. 

CANCELLATIONS:    Please be advised,  Iya Antranette will reach you prior to your scheduled session, if you do not respond to Iya within 24 hours of your scheduled session,  you are forfeiting your payment, in most cases she will reschedule one time. If you make a payment and do not respond to scheduling after two attempts your forfeiting your payment.. please honor your commitment to yourself , the Spirits and Iya Antranette.

SCHEDULING:      You will contacted within  a 48 hours of receipt of your payment with a scheduled appointment date and time. All scheduled times are in Eastern Standard Time.


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 “I ask that everyone who would receive blessings from my services, be guided to find me and be given all the time, money, and support that they need in order to purchase my services.” Above. Below. Ase’. And So It Is.