Womb Goddess Sister Circles: Healing, Messages, Goddess Life

The intention of the Womb Goddess Circles is for womben to gather with their own sistren  with  of unity, love, healing,  grounding and magik in private  online and in-person.  Antranette will provide these womben with expansion in Womban’s Mysteries, Divine Messages and Energy Medicine from their Ancestral Mothers, their very own Womb Spirit and Goddess.  Come gather safely with Womben of Your Own Circle Virtually or in Person.  Now, is the time to connect more deeply with ourselves and geniune sistarhood. We Know the value of this, our Ancestors have been doing this for ions. When Womban Gather Transformation must happen !

Again, remembering that a woman’s pain, rather it be past or current deposits in our womb and eventually crystallizes  in her life as evidence of our blocks and fear, and a convoluted Life Path. It is through Loving ourselves and facing our shadows together that we can be Healed wholistically, it all works together, Mind, Body and Soul. The Healing is Sourced through the Feminine Spirits in the Universe; Created through our own wombs, ancestral Mothers and the Divine Great Mother.

This Sacred Circle is for Women who desire deep Illumination and:

❤ Who have experience past or current trauma of any sort and desire healing and clarity.

❤ Who have a deep desire to receive spiritual healing through Divine messages, Energy Medicine, Universal and Ancestral Wisdom for their Mind, Body Soul to support their Life.

❤ Who are  learning to lead their Lives through their Womb Energies.

❤ Women who are Currently on their Womb Healing Journey and want to support themselves and other women in their Circle.

❤ Who welcome the spiritual and natural Support of the Divine Feminine Energies in the Universe to Source their Healing and Lives.

❤ Womban who are interested to magikally create and manifest their lives through the cycles of Nature, Elementals, Moon and Womb Spirit.

A Woman’s Womb is a  living soul and heart centers full of life giving energy,  it is up to us to pay attention to her for divine life guidance, for healing in Honor. She has always been there, and always will.  Give yourself permission to allow her energies to help balance our mind, body and soul and ultimately heal our lives.  Our Womb it is everything, and denying it’s influence in our daily life is denying ourselves of health, healing, recovery and rebuilding.

We will gather in Circles In-Person as well as in Virtual Womb Goddess Circles.   Womb Circle

The Offering for these  Divine Womb Message Circles are :

$37 per Lady for the Virtual Womb Goddess Circle.  The Virtual Womb Circle will be offered Webinar Online

As a Spiritual Medium, Social Worker, Self-Healer and Womb Priestess and Yoni Steam Practitioner,  Antranette has been able to heal many past pains; particular, childhood and adult sexual trauma,  through divine guidance from her Womb Spirit, Ancestors and Spiritual Court.

If you feel guided to gather with Womben of Your Own Circle, and you know its time to connect the missing piece in your Womb Goddess sisterhood journey. Then please allow, Antranette’s healing experiences and spiritual abilities to support you.

Antranette will channel and use other spiritual tools, meditations, affirmations and majik in order to receive divine guidance that will aid in balancing your Mind, Body and Soul.  In addition to each woman learning her own Wombs spirit or archetype for better connection.

For continued unity and support, Woman will focus on themes such as Goddess Life, Spirituality, Healing Physcially and Energetic. You know some good ‘ole Sistar Talk as well !! Its Fun !


Want to gather in person?  Wonderful,  the investment is $47 per Lady for the In-Person Womb Goddess Circle.   The In-Person session can be offered in the privacy of one’s home, office, public location of choice or a private space offered by Antranette.

Antranette is available to travel locally, nationally and internationally, lets talk !


Please fill out the form to organize a gathering, Antranette will contact you within 72 Hours.



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