Womb Goddess Oracle Vision Board Circle

If you do not drink, you can pour libations to your Spirits !

” I wasn’t born this way. One Creates oneself.
            I believe whatever I dream.
                      Whatever I dream. I want to do. ”
                                                        ~ Grace Jones



You may have heard terms to describe this kind of process, such as Vision Board, Dream Board, Treasure or Manifestation Map. I call them Oracle Boards and this is not your typical Vision Board Workshop. No, this is a container for Miracles !

A Magikal Altar Working !

Antranette is hosting this Womb Goddess Circle in New Moon and Imbolc Energy Live !    The time to Seed all the Ahas, Desires we have been Imagining since the Winter Solstice through Crafting a SPIRIT VESSEL in the form of an ORACLE VISION BOARD.   Get Ready Goddesses this is a Powerful Time !

Saturday, February 4th, 2017 1-6 pm EST.


 I’m a Winner, baby.

                     ~Diana Ross, Mahognay

A Oracle Board is a Spiritual Vision Board created through Divine Goddess Flow with Intention and deep Desire.

Bring your Womb and Soul Goals to Life with a Vision Board.


A Spiritual Vision Board is collage that is used to Activate your Soulful Desires.

Through connecting with your highest Goddess-Self,  you are able to know what you deeply desire and create those desires through your own  Womb Goddess Power.

We will be gathering for Discussion, Meditation,  Energy Clearing and Creation.  Formation Time will be about 4 hours total. (Its’ all good, we’ll take breaks ) 😉

You will be Creating and Activating a Majikal Tool that will move you into Divine Action!

A Live Womb Goddess Circle {Webinar}:

  • How to Create a Sacred Womb Goddess Oracle Vision board, Antranette Sacred Process !
  • Discussion on Miraculous Manifestation and Creation.
  • A Intention setting Meditation prior to Creating Oracle Board .
  • Learn how to Activate and Keep Raising Energy around your Board.
  • How to consecrate and connect with your Spirit of  Your Board..
  • Put clear Intentions through Desire in your Board.
  • How to Identify the Guiding Spirit, the primary Guide of your board.
  • How to use your board as a Guiding Light, a BIG ORACLE CARD  because your Eye will Move you in the Direction you Intend to Go ! This is an Majick Oracle Card to be Used Daily !
  • How to Maintain the Guiding Spirit of your Board.
  • Option for Antranette to provide an interpretation/Spiritual Reading for your Board.
  • and more…


You will want to begin to collect the following one week prior to the Sistar Circle:

  • Poster Board or core board (heavier) White background is best, but have fun. The size is up to you!
  • Magazines and more, recycled greeting cards, old calendars. Pictures. Magazines such as Oprah, Real Simple, Yoga Journal, Parenting, Money are all excellent choices.   Scrapbook paper is also an optional item ~ the colorful squares provide for great backgrounds.
  • Glue. Rubber cement works for most people but glue sticks are great options too. (FYI: Elmer’s white glue is not a great option! )
  • Scissors. Markers. Assorted embellishments. Some people use GOLD glitter, beads even leaves for full expression.
  • A Quiet, clean space with plenty of room to work for when you plan on creating your board.
  • SPIRIT ELEMENTAL REQUIREMENT : Fast 24 hours prior to ritual, that is fruit juice, veggie juice, raw, green smoothie, water, or dry. Your choice on the fasting to prepare your mind and body. White and GOLD candles, A white feather, Carnelian crystal, Clear Quartz. Wear Gold Adornment. Your favorite Sweet smelling Incense.Sweet smudge sticks,Sweet smudge water. A Baby infancy photo of yourself for visualization.
    ORANGE or Citrus infused Water or tea to drink.
  •  LIBATION And a celebratory drink ~ Sparkling Water, Wine, Champagne?!!!!  I will be talking about creating sacred space for activities like this and why celebrating is so important.  Don’t drink ? No problem, you can pour libations to your Ancestors and Spirit Guides and even your Higher Self !


Wonderful, now you can learn how to Work it !!
You will learn how to consecrate, keep it energize and meet the Guardian of your board and more !

Oracle Board Collages create a picture of your deepest desires and serve as a guide for Faith steps towards your Womb Goddess Goals.



You can create your Working for anything ! There are many types of collages based on your deep desires and divine intention.

Periods of time, events, family, occupation, job, vacations even!

When you visualize, then you materialize. If you‘ve been there in the mind, you‘ll go there in the body.” ~Dr Dennis Waitley

Everyone uses them, but Antranette will teach you how to Create, Activate and Raise Energy and Maintain the SPIRIT VESSEL of your Board. You will use your Oracle Board as part of your Spiritual Life. Your Oracle Board services as a Guiding Light. This is a Spiritual Altar Working for Transformation and Divine Feminine Magik !


What People are Saying :

I would like to thank you for the wonderful insight on how to consecrate my vision/spiritual board…I have rearranged my vision board the way you suggested and I feel a much deeper connection to my board and believe everything. I placed on it will to fruition in my life…Thank you for sharing your wisdom!


Great rising Queen! I just want to say I really appreciate you , your gifts, spirit and the ancestors. I did the ritual that you sent me and it really worked for me ….lol it’s still working.  Peace & Blessings ~SR

Are you Ready to create YOUR MAGIKAL TOOL through your own Goddess Flow that is Aligned with your Highest Good and Womb Heart? 

“Baby, you must not be selfish. Let the whole world benefit from your incredible radiance.”  ~ Duke Ellington



Make your Investment Here !

 So, for our Circle Working,  be sure to

1. Use the Investment Link above.

2. Fill out the form so that you can receive your log in information !

You agree by paying to join for this course webinar that : That all information in this course webinar and all related content and study material is the sole intellectual property of Mrs. Antranette Nicole Doe (antranettedoe.com; Womb Goddess) And will not be copied, sold, redistributed, plagiarized or patterned. Acceptance into this course webinar is the sole agreement to terms and conditions of stated material.

3. I’ll add you to my Centralized Circle on FB

4. The Deadline to access the Re-Play is March 1, 2017

See you Live!  It’s so exciting!

Thank you !  Womb Blessings!

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