Spiritual Development

If  you are one a person, who considers yourself to be  intuitive or feels that you  have a “gift”, let’s connect and create sacred space to explore together.

If you are a person who desires more insight in your spiritual abilities, this session is for you.

If you are unsure of your abilities, or wish to learn your primary ability,  we can discuss and explore this.

If you want to know your Spirit Guides and Guardians and how to commune with them, we can discuss this as well.

If you simply desire to connect with me and “pick my brain” then we can talk all things Spirit.


First we will connect through a Spiritual Reading, so that Spirit will further reveal your Spirit Guides, provide you with Divine instructions and get clear on matters concerning your intuitive, psychic  abilities and gift.

An Initial Spiritual Development Reading it will be $67 donation for 60-75 mins session.

40 min session for $45 is also available.

Antranette will read your photo with both sessions, to tell you which Spirit Guides are presenting, in addition to scanning your energy centers and aura.

Additional sessions and Mentoring available upon request.

Divination Tolls will be  incorporated as the Spirit Leads.

Antranette will also provide clients with a “Spirit” Photograph Reading of themselves, with every Reading; so that they will be informed of  their Spirit Guides are helping them in their journey. 

Your abilities are divinely given, please take them seriously and continue your development. There are Souls waiting for our service. Peace, Love and Light.