Spirit Coaching: Create Sacred Space For Your Soul

Are you aware of the daily guidance from your own soul ? Do you yearn for more sacredness in your life ?You will be guided in the sacred process of clearing and creating spiritual space in your life and finding the answers to these questions:

What is your soul calling you to do ?

Who are you and Why are you really here?

Do you really know your life’s mission ?

You can have all the worldly success and still be disconnected from your very own Soul, this is for everyone, this goes beyond income and racial and religious lines.The goal is to connect to your inner wisdom and ultimately learn self-trust. These sessions are not based on any religion, it is Spiritual in nature and any human-Being can participate, regardless of their spiritual paths.

In these private Spirit Coaching Sessions, sacred space is created for your spiritual journey. You are free to express yourself without fear of judgment. The intention of these sessions, is for you to express yourself as you discover your own inner truth, peace and wisdom, that only going inward can provide.

During your sessions, and self-reflections you will align with your inner spirit life with you outer world. You will learn how to clear mental and emotional clutter so that you can hear what your soul is speaking to you.

You will also learn to be honest with yourself in a gentle way, look at your life, face fears, forgive yourself and others of grievances, move joyfully in your life by achieving balance through honoring and listening to your inner Self.

These Spirit Coaching sessions are for you if you are a Lady who wants to:

-Create Sacred Space For Your Inner Self

-Get clear mentally and emotionally

-Connect with yourself more deeply

-Discover what your soul mission is in life

-Put yourself first (it’s perfectly okay, give yourself permission now.)

-Clear old negative block

-Appreciate  your Authentic Self

-Clear and Connect to your Physical Self

Each session conducted privately one-on-one, heart-to-heart, by phone. We will also utilize email, chat support and other means of communicating distantly as needed. If you are local, we can meet in person as well. These sessions take place over a six month time period if you chose to do the full program, otherwise we can go at a pace that feel right for you that give way for gently transformation.

Group sessions are available upon request.

You will be given an self-reflection exercises, and also affirmations that align with the exercises. Your spiritual journey will be witnessed and you can express yourself throughout this sacred process of clearing and connecting with your soul through love and truth. Ultimately, you will connect directly to your own divine energy and wisdom  and learn how to gain and maintain a more peaceful life.

“Your sacred space is where you can find yourself  over and over again. ~ Joseph Cambell

Contact me for more details, Blessings to you.