Soul Goddess Healing

In Soul Goddess Healing sessions, we are leaning deeper and creating space for relieving tension of will, and other forms of solar plexus healing through our womb and yoni for soulful release and expanding in feminine vulnerability, sovereignty, rest and feminine contentment, softness, confidence and warmth and sensuality.. the truth is, your are Sensual Soul Light.. time in Feminine Spirit and gentle witnessing and vulnerability and sensual practice..simply reminds us of who we really are, our divinity and the truth of our own Soul Guidance. The Light of our very Feminine Soul we are fully restored.


Soul Light Mantra:

I am fully restored.

My Soul is collected.

I live from Feminine soul .

I take a Soul posture.

I am Sensual Soul Light.

Give yourself permission to receive loving soul support and sacred space held for you Womb, Yoni and Soul to be fully expressed, released and healed, you don’t have to go it alone, Goddess Spirit supports you, Love.  I’m here to join with you in this journey.

Many times there is a need to join Feminine Soul Ritual and Earth Medicine; If there is a need for earth medicine be it spiritual clearing, oils, altar work, indigestible medicine, yoni steaming, sensual yoni practice; we will further discuss this in along in your sacred sessions. In addition to African Traditional Healing through Ifa, if I feel guided by your Ancestors.



A  photo energy scan/reading is provided to aid in spiritual guidance, assessing of aura and chakras, messaging, counseling, medicine, presenting spiritual court and planning. 

Trust, your Feminine Soul to be expressed and at rest from this time in Spirit. 

Investment for Initial session is  $77  60 min for a recorded audio or video session.

Make the soulful devotion to your feminine wholeness journey within your abundant elf-worth and love.  Ase’

Sacred Partnership:  Everyone Deserves to have someone to join with them. Someone who truly believes and can serve as in gentle partnership for their wholeness.

 Connect in (3) 40 min sessions for an investment of $137

For ongoing Sacred Partner Support:

$57  60 min

$37   30 min

WOMB GODDESS ALTAR JOURNEY SISTERS:  If you are currently participating in an Altar Journey your soul money exchange is as follows, thank you.

$37  30 mins.

$57   60 mins.

(3) 40 min session  $97

You are safe, You are Loved , and You can Trust that You are in the Right Place for this Time in Your life.     It is not by chance that you arrived here. Blessings to you. Ase’

If you reside outside of the continental U.S. online sessions are available for your convenience.

  1. Make your investment here Beloved
  2. Fill out the form after you make your investment for booking.
  3. Antranette will be contact you in 24 hours with available openings. Thank you !


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