Angelic Healing: Rituals & Reading

When the road is steep, and you find yourself on a crossroads, Angels are always there to guide you” – Florence Akinremi

Angels are sent from our Creator to help in all areas of  life. If you dealing with , love life concerns,health issues, financial, family life, work, or your in need of emotional healing they are here for you. Angels want our highest good, so if your are in your steps to spiritual enlightenment they will help show you how to clear the path and remove those blocks that are getting in the way of your spiritual progress.  They want the very best for you while your in the this realm. They are here guiding and guarding us every step of the way.

Antranette is a natural Angel Medium. She receives divine messages through her psychic and channeling abilities.

Antranette is able to connect with the angels that are here for you, in your current circumstance. There are angels to help with all of life issues; Including the beloved Archangels such as Raphel,Michael, Gabriel, Jophiel and Ariel;  but most importantly your own personal Angelic Spiritual Court. 

An Angel readings will  provide you with  much guidance  and healing on your path, in a very gentle way.   


How it Works:

Antranette works through sacred communication, where she channels directly from the Angels, in addition to serving through other forms of divination for transmission of angel energy, rituals and messages.



Antranette will  provide all clients with a  Energy Scan through a Photograph Reading with every session.

If you reside outside of the continental U.S. online and Skype sessions are available for you.

Personalized Recorded Readings ,  are available for this session, please indicate in the form.

Love Life channeled Angelic Readings are available, please indicate in the form.

Please allow up to 72 hours for a response.

Thank you.


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