Personalized Recorded Spiritual Readings

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Personalized Recorded Readings is a way to connect with Spirit for clarity,  learn how to take inspired action and heal your life now. A recorded session is  a great way of shedding light on any concern in your life, and for confirmation for what you already know is true for you. As well as gain spiritual insight, rituals and healing practices.

She will also read your photo and scan your energy centers, aura for balancing and clearing as guided and recommend rituals , practices and medicine accordingly. Sh will connect you with Spirits as they present for support in your life currently and to give channeled messages. These Guides can be your Ancestors, Spirits according to your Ancestral Spirits Traditions such as Lwas, Orishas, Angels and Animal Spirits, Earth Spirits, your Chakra Guides and Womb Spirit, various Spirit Helpers and the divine Mother and Father God as presented through your photo reading and channelling.

Sacred Space is always created specifically for you through clearing physical space and meditation to connect to Spirit.

Antranette will use various  divination tools such as candle gazing, cards, crystals and all of her Psychic and Mediumship abilities through her Ancestral Spirit and Wisdom.

This session is unique to every Soul.

You will receive your Oracle report through an audio or video recording, you will have access to listen as often as you needed, if you desire a follow up session via live phone or in person, please feel free to connect with Priestess Antranette.


If you feel guided to receive a Personal Recorded Reading please provide your information.

Many Blessings to you.

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