Love Life Immersion: Divination and Blessing

Through out the years, I’ve learned a great deal in regards to love and romantic relationships behind the veil.. the most influential thing to know is how very much our Ancestors care and are involved in these matters.. you spiritual family is concerned about all areas of your life, especially Love. If you are interested diving deeper into relationship matters such as  learning the current status of your love life, if the person is your soul mate, mate for this life or other lives, how to transform your love life, future love life and how to recover from heart ache this session is for you. Iya Antranette uses her insight divinely given by her Spirits to provide you with clarity, harmony and healing. 

This is accepted prior to this  3 hour Immersion session, it includes a photo reading of yourself and one partner.  Photo Readings of additional party’s is available.

All sessions are recorded via audio or video conferencing.

A Photo  Energy Reading is included with all sessions ,  Iya Antranette read your photo and scan your energy centers, aura , and recommend rituals , practices and medicine accordingly as well as connecting you with your presenting Spiritual Court. Consideration for additional Ifa Reading and Traditional Yoruba Healing will be considered as guided by Ancestral Spirit. 

What people are saying:  “Great rising Queen! I just want to say I really appreciate you , your gifts, spirit and the ancestors. I did the ritual that you sent me and it really worked for me ….lol it’s still working. Fear of abandonment and being left alone keeps coming up and it’s affecting my current relationship. I am glad that my hidden emotions and issues are surfacing. It is a tad bit overwhelming but I am sure this is part of the process.” Peace & Blessings ~SR

Fill out the form to book and Iya Antranette will be contact you in 24 hours with available openings. Thank you !


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