Life Path Soul Sessions

Where are you on your Life Path now?  What’s showing up for you?

In a Life Path Soul Session, we look at your soul’s truth concerning what’s showing up for you now in your Life …the energy of your Life’s Destiny and Guidance, Strengths, Spiritual Supports, Rituals, Traditions that present and any Blocks that you need to address,  so that you can  live your good and fullfil your destiny  with ease and grace… it doesn’t have to be hard.

We are connecting in a Reading Ritual  to allow for Spirit to flow in divine guidance with present awareness from Your Spiritual Family…Ancestors, Angels and Guides..they will reveal Truth for your Life Path Presently and for Future Guidance with needed revisal for good as you walk your own Womb Labyrinth…. its a Spiritual Check for the Soul.

In this session you will receive Transmission, Energy Reading, Messaging from your Spiritual Court, Power Prayer with setting of a Light in your name, Womb Goddess Ritual practices specific to you, and deeper Solutions as guided through Yoruba Tradition with the Orisa.

Exchange Investment:

 $111 for a LIVE 90 min session, includes a photo reading and chakra and aura energy scan…live session is recorded via audio or video format.



Book your Life Path Soul Session Now Loves: 

  1. Make your Exchange Here.
  2. Fill out the form to Receive Booking Information.
  3. Priestess Antranette will be contact you in 24 hours with available openings. Thank you !

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