Ancestral Immersion: Divination and Blessing

People seek after death communication with Ancestors and loved ones who have crossed over,  for healing and life guidance.  This session is specifically for you if it is solely your intention to communicate with your loved ones who crossed over as well as your Ancestral Spirits for life guidance and connection. mom

Antranette channels through mental telepathic mediumship. She uses many of her psychic senses such as seeing, hearing, feeling emotions, smelling and physical sensation, or knowingness that aids in providing after death messages.

Every Spiritual Medium is different and has their own style. Additionally, every Soul is different. Therefore, what your loved one chooses to communicate and what Antranette receives will be individualized for each person. Likewise, your loved ones can provide information surrounding their death if they choose.

Your loved ones and Ancestors will reveal what they feel comfortable revealing. The specific answers you seek may not to be addressed at that time of the session.

 Ancestor Readings: 

Ancestors readings, are for those of you who are dealing with life concerns and are in need of guidance. Or who simply want to connect with Ancestors that present as your Spirit Guides. You do not have to know them to connect. They are apart of You. In this session, sacred space will be created to call forth Ancestor who is in love and light for your highest good.  Antranette will share divine messages as they are illuminated through her mediumship abilities, you will learn what they have to say to better your life. Antranette will also call in Healing Light of Divine Creation sources through ancestral energy for healing and clearing of energy fields and centers.

As part of my Ancestral Reading, I’ll read your photo for energetic clearing and to see what Guides present for you. I will also channel Messages for both your Maternal and Paternal Ancestral Spirit. I will petition for your Guiding Ancestor. I will describe the overall Energy of your Ancestral Spirit how to better connect through herbs, totems and through altar work. Ifa Divination and traditional healing available as guided by Ancestors.

This a  3 hour live audio/video recorded session,  please follow the Booking instructs below.

What people are saying:

Out of all these little-a*s lightweight readings I got from various folks over time, my first REAL Divination was from Antranette Doe. Listennnnnnnn….my Odu and my Ebo was EVERYTHING! I got ALL the insight I needed through IFA that I NEVER got from anywhere else. (Months prior to this, I was awakened from my sleep by my Ancestors. A loud, distinct voice(s) said to me, “IFA is the answer.” I wasn’t sure if it meant getting divination done or getting initiated at the time. So I took note of the message and let it sit for a while. Anyway, when I DID get around to the divinations, it was emotional and intense because of the things revealed, plus the things I had to do to work on myself and my circumstances. I was walking around like everything was okay but I had NO IDEA that my Ancestors were NOOOOOT pleased with me at ALL, for example. But yes, after I got it done… EVERYTHING shifted.. is STILL shifting. Whew. ~ Kay N Dee

“The reading was awesome! You connected to my passed family members with no hesitation, you helped comfort me in knowing that they are still here watching over me! I was so amazed to see that my uncle wasn’t happy about the things I was going through in my relationship and how my grandmother understood that I needed healing! I haven’t had a reader so good in a long time! You gave me numerous information and I can’t wait to come back!” ~ K. Cannon

Afterdeath Readings with Loved Ones:

One can receive great peace from knowing that their loved ones doing well in the spirit plane. What you can generally expect in the session, is a description of your loved one, their personality, characteristics such as body size, height, hair color, or some distinct feature to them.  Antranette is able to channel the disposition of your loved one and to provide evidence. You will also receive the Divine Messaged from them and you will be able to ask questions. It is best to contact Antranette for a session after things have settled down after the death of a loved one. Once you have gotten through the shock and intense grief, and some time has passed that allows for your loved one to learn how to communicate. Our passed loved ones can present in our dreams, by sending certain scent in the air, they can reach out and touch physically, communicate electronically through clocks, put their song on the radio. And various ways to remind you of their presence. When this starts to happen or you have a feeling its happening, its a green light to connect.

If you are feeling in the form of fear, this is natural. Simple breathe through this and know that you are safe, these are your loved ones, and they love you in the afterlife just as they did when they were in this earthly realm.

Mediumship sessions with passed loved ones, I will channel directly from two Known loved ones in this session. Please indicate your desire for this when you fill out the form.

Please fill out the form if you feel called to communicate with your loved one in the afterlife. Antranette will contact you within 72 hours to discuss booking your session.

What  Other Dear Souls are Saying: 

“I had the great pleasure of experiencing a past life reading with Antranette.. It was amazing and an eye opening experience..Antranette is very gifted and was able to channel my Ancestors and bring forth the messages they had for me.. I could feel their energy thru her and knew she was speaking truth.. This is the best experience I’ve had so far with a reading and highly recommend that you contact her one today!!”~ K. Reynods

Book your session Now by filling out the form: 

Priestess Antranette will be contact you within 24 hours. Thank you !

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