Group Coaching

Group Coaching is available for ladies circles who are ready to Align and Rise to their dreams !! This is for you if you are ready to really trust their inner wisdom, and calling. It is time to put Divine Energy towards your  Dreams !!!

Group Coaching will give you and your personal circle the tools required to move forward with vision that aligns with your values and passion.  Many times, we face fear, limiting beliefs, lack of confidence, and many other emotional blocks that stand in the way of our destiny. As a group, we will put our energy together and get past these things, take action and see our dreams come into reality.

Group coaching provides a space for individuals to come together in an empowering environment that supports them in achieving their personal and professional goals in the Privacy and  Comfort of their Homes or Office.

In group coaching we will flow in our collective wisdom and experiences. The strength of group coaching is the mutual support, accountability and encouragement that the group provides.



Nothing changes without personal transformation.” – W. Edwards Deming


This program is for you if are…

❤ Committed to the possibility of your success and others

❤ Willing to take action

❤ Willing to look inside of yourself for truth and power

❤ Believe in the Power of the Collective

Are you ready ? Do you have persons in mind that you know can benefit from coming together on a continual basis ?  Please Fill out the Form and let’s get going ! This program is currently offered in the Pittsburgh area. I am offering this service in the location of your choice. Group coaching can be conducted in the home, office or best suitable environment for your group.

If you are a community organization, counseling firm or agency, I am open to adding to the service that you provide.  Thank you.

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