Feminine Beginnings: New Light Year Circles

Greetings Beloveds !    I’m inviting you to join me in a 3 Feminine Beginning Circles as we Close this Solar Year and Open up the next in a divine Feminine Grace.  Womb Goddesses hold this time of year in sacredness by engaging in rituals that allows for soft release, clarity and walking in confidence in how we will direct our life force. We direct our Ase’  in this Earth in ways that truly matter to us throughout the 2018 solar year. We disregard the worlds rush and forceful noise come the new calendar year. Trusting that our success comes in connecting with the cycles of nature in our Power Womb Presence. We are guided in the essence of Oshun all the way !    Its time to connect in our Feminine Beginnings.  Allow yourself to be supported in your soft feminine nature in how you end 2017 and begin the new Solar Year 2018.

December 16th:  Here we will  Reflect in meditative journey through each month, from January 2017 to present moment, so that we can feel how we lived as we softly gaze at our disappoints, celebrate our successes, acknowledge those surprises, accept and surrender it all to divinity and learn what wisdom we are to carry with us in 2018 prior to the Winter Solstice our natural year

Januray 2nd:  We will continue our soft Feminine Beginnings by connecting with the Expanded possibility of desires arising from our womb heart and soul.  January is a time of dreaming and marrying our vision with Divinity itself.  What do you really Desire? How do you really want to be Seen? We will We will gather in a Expanded Vision Ritual  on the first Full Moon of the new calendar year.

January 19th :  Here we come together in beautiful Womb Seeding in a New Moon Circle.  In this circle we connect with Goddess Oshun as she guides us in crafting a Womb Seeding Goddess Box  for our true and deep soulful desires. You know those matters that make your yoni pop!!! Yes !  We will receive messaging and do meditative ritual to support our value and receiving posture. 

These Circle sessions are held live in webinar format; recordings will be sent.

The Currency Exchange for each session is $37.

You can choose as guided or join all three sessions to end and begin in the Womb Goddess way for an Exchange of $107.

You choose Loves !

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