The Womb Goddess List

mailWelcome Sister Love, thank you for joining the Womb Goddess List.  By joining you will receive a monthly New Moon Intention Blessing to support your desires, spiritual transmissions, offerings, inspirational musings, spells, recipes, readings and other womb goodies. You’ll  have access to our exclusive online group specifically for women who desire to nurture their feminine soul through Iyami  Oshun.

  1.  To take part in the the New Moon Blessings, place your full birth name in the comments and 5 Word description of your faithful Intention. Thank you. May your womb be blessed. Ase’. 
  2. Please include your Facebook email address in the comments for group access, I will add you to the group, you will receive an email to access from face book (if your are not a Womb Goddess Circle group member), for the month of February I am offering a free Womb Love Devotional Journey.  Thank you.