Feel the Feels Feminine Release: Impostor

Dear Womb Goddess,


Today, I am clearing inadequacy that presents itself as procrastination..
As, I journeyed with my womb today I come to a few things as I unearthed in love.. any form of procrastination that I experience, is simply a withholding of love.. through loving efforts that begot love.. love for myself or others.. underneath this is feelings of inadequacy.. that I really don’t know what the hell I’m doing.. that my feet can’t trust my Heads guidance.. I heard this.. very clearly.. ‘The Wisdom is in the Doing’ and certainly it is.. I found deep orgasmic yoni soul wisdom with daily practice.. I became my juicy vibrating pussy purring with every movement… love and pleasure washed over me.. and sensuality was seen in my eyes for all to see in a weeks time.. amazement..so the Wisdom is in the Doing. I see here that.. there is wisdom… the lies between my Head and my feet.. and feeling into it allows me to move graciously.. daily devotion of listening and leading with loves confidence in courage.. I’m never alone and the truth is I don’t have to figure it all out.. I am not an impostor of my own life.. I am living withing my life.. allowing it all to resonate.. truth.. I trust my life and its so incredibly beautiful.. all of it.. I bless myself with this truth daily and it warms my soul.. I made the choices to experience this.. where I am today.. I am Sovereign. I can be trusted. I can trust undoubtedly without judgement and as long as I have breath in my body I can begin again.. and again.. and again.. my life choices are my own solely… with the support. I lose faith in myself when I hear the guidance.. but don’t listen and listening means I leap with loves courage when I need or I rest in loves grace.. and move peace by peace… its all ebb and flow.. soft will power is the feminine way that I choose for efforts in my life.. love efforts.. when I procrastinate.. I am enthralled in fear of being an impostor..filled with inadequacy of who I am…of life. I am not trusting the wisdom of doing as my highest self.. my womb.. and all of my energetic body directs..the days unfold in this feel the feels devotion and it all goes back to this: Trust Myself. this is not a new message its an invitation to grok womb  truth.   haaaaa …. I am an empty vessel. May I be filled with perfect love, light, and breath. #WombNurture.
Maferefun Baba Obatala. 
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Womb Love Devotional Month

Hey Sisterloves,

Womb Restoration + Love Month Devotion + Winning 



Freely…for the month of Love we’ll delve deeper into our Womb Restoration and Love.. weekly throughout the month I’ll come to you with a beautiful Womb Devotion, recipes, prayers, videos from my deep womb healing, herbs and all things womb love to add your womb practice, recall or to initiate… we will then close out this Womb Love Devotional month in a Womb Health Restoration, Clearing and Blessing Circle in the Virgo Full Moon, March 2nd, Oshun Day.  AND You can win an opportunity to come into the Moon Circle at Pay-What-You-Can.

All you have to do to enter is Document your devotion by posting a journal post, inspirational or artistic posts, a photo image or even a video Sistars, Show me the Womb Love of how you Felt before, during and after your devotion each week with #WombNurture Fall Deeply Madly in Love with your Holy Grail and I will be doing the same ! That’s It Your Entered to Win. I will announce February 28.   Whose In?


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On Becoming a Yoni

Womb Goddess Sisters, I’ve found myself deeply immersed and vibrating  as an orgasmic juicy Yoni in my being and body, the past 9 days, since the new moon has been… inspiring, filled with  unearthing , wisdom and feminine activation I’ve been practicing yoni egg yoga every morning and I have to say. I feel utterly orgasmic, my entire being and body miraculously vibrating as a Yoni. I am moving my body in ways that I know I couldn’t  have if I didn’t bring the energy through my yoni in deep pleasure and orgasmic release… the change in how I bring sacred movement to my body, came after a serious break down.. this is truly the only way for me. I’m dedicated because it feel so cosmically good. Some wonderful things have been occurring in my body love journey, first..I give myself loving kuddos for being devoted to my early rising yoni practice and blessing up my er’thang. I give myself loving kuddos fro being devoted to in my nourishing food regi. I give myself  loving kudos in amazement  at how my 3rd eye has awakened, I can literally see my 3rd and commune, this has happened in the past with a plant based diet.. but my goodness.. no lie, its a bit freaky lol..my inner messaging is coming through with so much clarity.. its a bit creepy to awakened seeing your own eye, for me.. I receive messaging upon rising from my spirits. I noticed that I am rising with more messaging coming from myself, instead of my Spirits, I suppose I’m finally doing what they told me lol . So, its me reaffirming in prayer, mantras to myself..I love it tho.

There were times over this 9 days, that I had total break downs where all I could do is prayer, deep breath and rest.. but what came out of that was a deeper innerstanding that the only possible way for me to nurture myself in my desired wellness intentions is through my natural feminine nature, my yoni orgasmic self and everything has opened up for me.. I began to released barriers to this including, belief patterning, many that were not my own ! Several came through trauma that I felt I healed, “I” did, but several versions of  “I”  were need loving assurance… my ‘lil girl  and versions of her might I add.. didn’t feel safe being seen in full feminine goodness and Becoming a Vibrating Yoni means we can no longer hide, I’m so blessed to say , We are good and feeling so integrated in this, there is huge correlation with this, not only in my body and hiding with weight, but also in allowance of receiving my blessings and desired life vision and then there was the maternal ancestral patterning as it relates to my mom’s safety of being seen in her true feminine, her ‘lil girl stood up for healing, my mom was also over weight.. as many of the women in my family and her mother.. I received a miracle in this… I also released barriers in owning my own sex in divine sovereignty and unfurling deeper into orgasmic goodness.. receiving what is actually good for me.. rest, orgasm, sensual movement, nutrition and sleep.. CARE. and OMGodis      SLEEP. Surrendering to sleep has been a call to love for me for some time and I finally was able to unearth the truth in this… this is nothing shy of a MIRACLE. Sleep the cousin of death.. there is so much trust and security when it comes to sleep for me as a Human being..I’m able to connect with sleep in such a loving and holding way haaaa… It Is A Miracle.

I’ve been feeling myself immersing in my body in deep loving aaawness.. here I have this heavenly body that allows me to feel.. really really FEEL good, orgasmic and sensational even through what I consume and I mean CONSUME on all levels. My yoni is created to receive, so I’m leading with more awareness on what I’m receiving and allowing to fill up my yoni and womb,which is my life none the less. How I’m being and doing right now feels so so good. haaaa.. I feel like I can do absolutely ANYTHING through my natural nurturing feminine self blossoming in yoni love, inpowerment and sacred self sex… me as my natural woman self is unfurling and I am feeling so loved and cared for. One defining lesson is this… no matter how much I can imagine for myself,speak, meditate, desire, prayer for, do spells and all manner of ritualistic tools, nothing and I mean absolutely nothing will move in my life without the most penetrable orgasmic connection to my own love.. my yoni opens me up to it all. 

Maferefun Ye Ye Oshun.

I send you , Blessings of love and Becoming your own juicy Yoni. Ase’

Womb Goddess: Healing Self and Relationships

 Love and Light, I am chronicling my experience through out my Womb Healing journey via vlogging and blogging, in this vid I talk about healing both female and male relationships and Vulnerability. I am calling this creation “Womb Goddess ” as my womb Spirit speaks to heal and elevate. Thank you for witnessing my journey. Blessings.

Self-Love is not Selfish

Today, I woke up with the intention to take care of myself, to do some fabulous body movement, drink a green smoothie and concentrate on how I feel physically.  I am currently postpartum 5 months via 2nd c-section. I realize today, that I have some building up to do !! and I am definitely up for the challenge. But, anywho, as I came down from my workout, and enjoyed a nice long shower, I had what I call a


“Heart Moment” this is when I have a nice heart-to-heart with myself lol


Well, I realized, one sure thing today, if I don’t care for myself, I can’t care for others.. I know, I have heard and said this a million times before, “we as women must take care of ourselves, if we want to care for others”…


But today was different, I had an internal dialogue about feeling selfish.  I know, that I have proclaimed that I must take care of myself first, and if I don’t, I won’t have it for anyone else !! I have shouted this to the heavens.. but deep, deep, deep down I felt scared and helpless. I felt like if I really took care of myself, I would be taking from those that depend on me.. I would be selfish.  After all, they depended on me.  I pour and pour and they take and take, and it’s been okay for so long for so many women. I seen this in my mother, my grandmother, this is how it is suppose to be right ????


Today, I had this feeling, this inclination that said  “No, I don’t think this is right for me anymore”   This inclination has blossomed into a new belief..  our beliefs shape our thoughts and our thoughts shape our reality.




I decided that taking care of myself is Love, it’s real Love.  It’s the same Love that I give to others, it’s the same energy that I allows me to pour out on the world.  Why not use some of this for myself ? Why not show myself a ‘lil love today, by moving my body and drinking a smoothie? Those are little things that will improve my quality of life, right ?


Consequently, it will reflect in those around me. By caring for myself, I will better care for others, because I will be coming from a place of totality. A place where there is no lack.  Wholeness..


The truth is we have been trained, to care for others, we are given toy kitchen sets and baby dolls as gifts at very young ages.  This is the reality that we as a society has constructed for our gender. And that’s okay, I love to care for those around me… Giving of myself makes my heart sing with so much glee..  It’s my passion.. It’s all things beautiful and so incredibly feminine.




It can be an ugly thing, when we are pouring out so much, that we become dry. Leading to bitterness and regret and fear. I know that I experience fear all the time, fear of the unknown, fear of my relationships, fear of the idea of really loving myself…

Fear can be gripping and immobilizing, but what I learned today, was a




My heart spoke and I am running with it !!!


Yes, loving myself through self-care and developing rituals is Right !! It’s not selfish at all !! and

By loving myself in this way…the fear of everything !! Has decreased…


I understand this, when there is an ongoing flow of Love—- Fear has to cease, feelings of Peace and Joy and Safety Rises..


Honestly feel freakin Awesome!!!


Wow, all I did was moved my bones and had a green smoothie, now imagine, how we can feel  by making this a habit, without the guilt.  We can change the world !



Amazing, just a ‘lil love dust sprinkled on ME, with intention.. allowed me to open my heart to the possibility of caring for myself without guilt and fear.


Indeed Love begets Love and this is not selfish.



The Mantra for the day:  Self-Love is not Selfish.

Why Busyness Don’t Equal Progress

busy personThere comes a time in our pursuits that’d we have to slow down and nurture ourselves. Those of us who are givers, who have a cause, who are on a divine mission are relentless in their duties.  Sometimes, we don’t know how to take care of ourselves and we get caught up in busyness. Most of the time the answer is to stop the busyness and just be. Just Be. Again I say… Just Be. Know that you have done enough in this moment; and it’s time to care for you. Everything else will be there when you get back. Listen, when we got to busy we cease to be as effective in our mission; because we are not operating from a place of alignment and completeness.

Trust me,  I know, we are all learning balance in this dream walk. However, many of us haven’t quite yet gotten there and that’s okay. So when you are feeling unaligned, when you suffer physical alignment of any kind, when you are feeling boggled down emotionally and mentally, you know that it’s time to reconnect with yourself, your truth and your Divine.  It’s time to sprinkle some Love on you.


As my words nurture others,
so do they nurture me.

Remember, self-love is not selfish. Taking time to nurture yourself is necessary; not because of your cause, and responsibilities. It’s necessary simply because you are your number one priority. Take care of yourself through Divine Love; because you alone are worth your love and attention. I know, it takes time to develop this mindset without guilt or an alter intention of doing it for others. Today, I have learned this through pain.  So let me spare you. Pain is an indicator. It’s a signal to get our attention; but an ounce of prevention goes a long way.  Carve out time for yourself. Do simple things to check in with yourself throughout the day. Perhaps, set your celly alarm to remind yourself to take a deep breathe. Sit quietly for a minute. Be mindful by starting your day with grace, give yourself time in the a.m. Likewise, end your day with gratitude; this could simply be counting your blessings from throughout the day. Heck, count your blessings during the day for even more elevation !

Focus on one thing at a time ! Yes I said it, I know we live in a world of multi-tasking, but give it a shot, start and finish jut one thing. You will feel so good. I mean it ! Don’t stop, don’t get on social media. Don’t check your e-mail. Start on a task and finish. Whoosah.

All of these simple but powerful things will keep us aligned with ourselves and the Divine as we manifest our Destiny.

So, do you need to recover from to much busyness ? What ways do you think you can practice prevention?

Love Note #5

Hey Love,

Get this in your Spirit:


When the times, comes and you feel like you should push harder, stand in peace and know that


Divinely Yours,

Antranette ❤

Is Self-Worth Key to Manifesting Your Vision?

I’ve come to understand Manifestation as such, it doesn’t matter how many vision boards, or list’s or prayers, chants, mantra’s, affirmations, potions and lotions, and good vibrations that we adhere to.  None of those wonderful tools matter, if we don’t have self-worth.  That’s it for me right now at 4:15 a.m.  I believe in my soul, without a shadow of a doubt, self-worth is most certainly key in unlocking our fullest potential and belief in Self. Belief that we Can Call on those things that we dream of. That indeed they will come to pass with every intentional step we take.  Just know this, when you put your energy towards something, it opens up more energy, it gives more faith, more power and before you know it, you’ll have that thing you’ve been dreaming of.


It start’s with the notion that you can possible have what you want, it starts with the belief that, yea I think I deserve this.Now, imagine that, you can really have it. You actually deserve it ! It doesn’t matter how big or small. This process can be easy and graceful; not because an outside energy, deity or system told you so.


because you actually took a chance to look within, to examine your self and say, by God I am good enough to have this thing !!!

So, I say this in love, in truth and in the Power of the Divine.


Keep looking within, even if it feels like your  taking sneak peaks, that’s where you will find your worth and ultimately your self-love.

This pretty much sums up my love, joy and passion ❤

There is nothing so rewarding as to make people realize that they are worthwhile in this world.
Bob Anderson

Fun Mirror Building

So funny, today my husband caught me doing some mirror work, I was singing a love rhyme to myself and dancing as I was brushing my teeth and he caught me red handed.. it was so funny ! All we could both do is LOL !!! Loving me and being Silly is Fun !! We created a magical moment !!! 

Oh, what is mirror work you say ?

Well, mirror work or Mirror Building as I affectionately say, because taking care of ourselves is not work !! It’s building up !

Anywho, Mirror Building is when you look yourself in the mirror, gaze deeply in your eyes and say lovely, motivating affirmations or mantras.

For example, you can say

(Your Name)  I love you.

I am Beautiful

I am Lovely

I am Wonderfully created.

I am……

Get it ?

This is a lovely way to train your brain into believing you are what you say you are !!!

“As a man thinketh in his heart so is he,”  James Allen

But I say  As a LADY thinketh in her heart so SHE is !

We are what we believe, so mirror work is a wonderful technique to reprogram your mind in self-love.

Make it a habit, every time you look at yourself in the mirror, and why not your looking all the time anyway, so instead of looking at your flaws, and beating yourself up Divines, reinforce what’s already there !

Beauty inside and out !!

See, this is the thing, when we do what makes us feel good, we will continue… we are wired that way..

If something hurts why don’t mess with it !


If it feels good, oh baby, give us more and more lol  Mirror work doesn’t have to be so serious.

Think this way as you practice your self-love techniques.

So, I challenge you to make up a silly song and dance, that you can do in the mirror, do it anytime, if your at your workplace, and a restaurant or anywhere, you can still look into the mirror and sing your silly love song !!! Do it in your heart, but if your really Bold you will do it out loud !!!  You never know, who will catch you in action, and both of you can create magic ! 🙂

Now go sprinkle some love on yourself !