Feel the Feels Feminine Release: Impostor

Dear Womb Goddess,


Today, I am clearing inadequacy that presents itself as procrastination..
As, I journeyed with my womb today I come to a few things as I unearthed in love.. any form of procrastination that I experience, is simply a withholding of love.. through loving efforts that begot love.. love for myself or others.. underneath this is feelings of inadequacy.. that I really don’t know what the hell I’m doing.. that my feet can’t trust my Heads guidance.. I heard this.. very clearly.. ‘The Wisdom is in the Doing’ and certainly it is.. I found deep orgasmic yoni soul wisdom with daily practice.. I became my juicy vibrating pussy purring with every movement… love and pleasure washed over me.. and sensuality was seen in my eyes for all to see in a weeks time.. amazement..so the Wisdom is in the Doing. I see here that.. there is wisdom… the lies between my Head and my feet.. and feeling into it allows me to move graciously.. daily devotion of listening and leading with loves confidence in courage.. I’m never alone and the truth is I don’t have to figure it all out.. I am not an impostor of my own life.. I am living withing my life.. allowing it all to resonate.. truth.. I trust my life and its so incredibly beautiful.. all of it.. I bless myself with this truth daily and it warms my soul.. I made the choices to experience this.. where I am today.. I am Sovereign. I can be trusted. I can trust undoubtedly without judgement and as long as I have breath in my body I can begin again.. and again.. and again.. my life choices are my own solely… with the support. I lose faith in myself when I hear the guidance.. but don’t listen and listening means I leap with loves courage when I need or I rest in loves grace.. and move peace by peace… its all ebb and flow.. soft will power is the feminine way that I choose for efforts in my life.. love efforts.. when I procrastinate.. I am enthralled in fear of being an impostor..filled with inadequacy of who I am…of life. I am not trusting the wisdom of doing as my highest self.. my womb.. and all of my energetic body directs..the days unfold in this feel the feels devotion and it all goes back to this: Trust Myself. this is not a new message its an invitation to grok womb  truth.   haaaaa …. I am an empty vessel. May I be filled with perfect love, light, and breath. #WombNurture.
Maferefun Baba Obatala. 
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Give Yourself A Love Break with Archangel Chamuel & Pink Light

Blessings, this is how you can take a LOVE BREAK, when your feeling the pressures of life. Love is the foundation for all miracles, so set the intention to bring in more Love for You first.

Womb Goddess: Healing Self and Relationships

 Love and Light, I am chronicling my experience through out my Womb Healing journey via vlogging and blogging, in this vid I talk about healing both female and male relationships and Vulnerability. I am calling this creation “Womb Goddess ” as my womb Spirit speaks to heal and elevate. Thank you for witnessing my journey. Blessings.

Love Note #4

Hey Love,

I am so incredibly proud of you ! You faced your fears and stepped out there ! It’s the small things that causes Big things to happen in your life ! Don’t you feel wonderful ?  Now, when it comes time to face something Huge, you will be ready because you are overcoming small things in your daily life.  It all counts ! I’m so proud of you for sticking to your intention at the time that you really didn’t feel like it. I am so proud of you for moving past fear and staying the course. You are amazing ! You are walking in your Dreams ! You are Manifesting your Vision because you believe in You ! You are faithful to take those small but Might Leaps !  Go You ! Now, keep going forward and beyond to your greater Self !

Divinely Yours,

Antranette ❤

The One Thing You Must Do !

You must do the things you think you cannot do. -Eleanor Roosevelt

What is it that you desire ? What is your true passion ?  What is the thing you think you can’t do ?

Don’t you know, you are the only person who can ! The World Needs You !

You can do it !!!

Whatever that thing is that’s eating at you, that’s nudging you day in and day out.  That’s it, that’s the thing that you MUST do. Les Brown says, that there are so many dreams in the grave yard, don’t let yours die with you !

Go ahead and do that thing that you are afraid to do.

Go ahead and jump out there !

Trust Yourself.

The Call is Real.

When things get a bit hairy, put your head down and push through it !!

There is so much more available to you !

Now, go be fearless and take Mrs. Roosevelt’s Advise.



“Imagination is…

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”
― Albert Einstein

Today, I needed a pick me up ! Yes, we all have these days, and when I do, I seek out a qoute that will give me life, that will speak to the area that I need the most. Today, I needed to some extra assurance, that the life I imagine is my reality, that as long as us Dreamers continue to walk in our Dreams and take Actions Habitually, it will be manifested ! Keep believing, Keep dreaming and Keep your Imagination Alive.  I’m tickled because, I’m thinking of Spongebob…

How to Sleep Your Way To Your Dreams

   I discovered a wonderful technique that I have used to assist in overcoming fear; gaining more self-trust and motivation to achieve goals.

What I have learned to do is take power over my mind and set it in the direction of my goals even in my sleep.

When we are tired and ready to drift into sleep, our minds are like liquid gold, ready to be mastered.  This is the best time to focus on what you want to achieve.

So, what I would suggest is that you lie down and take some deep breathes, get your body relax.

Then set you mind on your goal, find the words that feel true to you.  This could be a gentle reminder that you believe in your vision, you believe in yourself , you believe that you can do that what you put your hands to do.

Begin to speak it in your mind and open your heart to receive, let it flow easily in your mind, if you experience some resistance. It’s okay, just gently remind yourself that, your okay in the moment and that your are safe.

If you experience any fear, acknowledge it and just let it flow right through you.

Continue to repeat your affirmation, believe it with an open heart, and allow yourself to drift your way into success

This is tried and true, I did this and when I awaken, I lied for a short while and I heard my conscious repeating my words of affirmation.  I also got incredibly inspired to take on the task leading towards my goals. Additionally, my creativity enhanced.

Why should you practice gentle affirmations as a bedtime ritual:

1. It allows you to direct your mind towards your goal, which also means that your are reinforcing your intention.

2. It foster’s self-trust because you are actually trusting in your own abilities.

3. It requires less energy than looking outside of yourself for the answers.  Everything we need is already in us.

4. You are actually retraining your brain, to believe in your future self.

5. Your will awaken with so much inspiration, you will feel like you can take on  the world !


Give it a shot !