Great Mother Yemaya Spoke

Go Deep, But come up for Air~ Great Mother Yemaya Yemaya3.120131744_std.jpg (396×550)

Today, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed, I have been in the throws of healing my womb from past pains, learning to work with my womb energies while doing a spiritual detox; along with my life responsibilities.  So, today I began to feel a bit overwhelmed, and a bit fearful of publicizing my healing journey.  I overstand that this process is not for the faint of heart and through sharing my journey I am taking a stance against sexual trauma for all women. Illuminating my darkness is giving other’s permission to do the same and heal.

However, as I journey deep down into these deep dark healing waters, some time I need to come up for Air. Even deep divers come up for breathe and to recoup.  So, I find myself in need of balance.  My soul cried out to the Great Mother which was very fitting as we are in Full Moon energy at this time.  I was one of my sacred spaces, my bathroom shower and I began to feel the Moon Light encamp around me, I connected further with her through visualizing her vastness, her fullness. The Energy was immense!   Especially as I allowed the water to pour on my head, it was almost as if I was being baptized through the water from the Moon itself.

I heard a voice say to me, “Go deep, but come up for Air” I knew this was the Great Mother Spirit but I wasn’t for sure who.  I began to see my Yemaya Oracle Card and other images of her.  It was clear. She was with me. Showing me to go deep in the healing waters, but come up for Air, meaning be balanced in my healing process and Life.

The Great Mother Yemaya showed her self to me in the Fullness of the Moon, she said that we are one in the same, as I looked closely I saw my very ow face in the Moon.

This Divine message has given me instant peace, as I give myself permission to relax  in this journey. As it is just that, a journey. I have come so far since my soul intention with the Spring Equinox.  Even so, much I have learned from my Womb, so much Old  Pain, and Old Energy of Trauma I have released from her. It is Amazing. I celebrate this !

Now, I pray to the Great Mother to help me be balanced as I swim in these healing waters. She showed me, my Womb Spirit, the Mermaid, as she swims up and down going deep and coming back up for air.  I to must do the same, it is in the coming back up for air that I celebrate and process my experiences.  Its time to Breathe for a bit. To relax in my healing energies and process.  It’s okay I am learning as  I go. I welcome the support of all my Guides, Angels, Ancestors and the Great Mother to see me through and to help me stand as a testament for others to heal.   And so it is.

Thank you for witnessing me. ❤

Does this message apply to you, are you doing Alot of Spiritual Work and need bit of a breather? Some balance?

Comment Below.

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Self-Love is not Selfish

Today, I woke up with the intention to take care of myself, to do some fabulous body movement, drink a green smoothie and concentrate on how I feel physically.  I am currently postpartum 5 months via 2nd c-section. I realize today, that I have some building up to do !! and I am definitely up for the challenge. But, anywho, as I came down from my workout, and enjoyed a nice long shower, I had what I call a


“Heart Moment” this is when I have a nice heart-to-heart with myself lol


Well, I realized, one sure thing today, if I don’t care for myself, I can’t care for others.. I know, I have heard and said this a million times before, “we as women must take care of ourselves, if we want to care for others”…


But today was different, I had an internal dialogue about feeling selfish.  I know, that I have proclaimed that I must take care of myself first, and if I don’t, I won’t have it for anyone else !! I have shouted this to the heavens.. but deep, deep, deep down I felt scared and helpless. I felt like if I really took care of myself, I would be taking from those that depend on me.. I would be selfish.  After all, they depended on me.  I pour and pour and they take and take, and it’s been okay for so long for so many women. I seen this in my mother, my grandmother, this is how it is suppose to be right ????


Today, I had this feeling, this inclination that said  “No, I don’t think this is right for me anymore”   This inclination has blossomed into a new belief..  our beliefs shape our thoughts and our thoughts shape our reality.




I decided that taking care of myself is Love, it’s real Love.  It’s the same Love that I give to others, it’s the same energy that I allows me to pour out on the world.  Why not use some of this for myself ? Why not show myself a ‘lil love today, by moving my body and drinking a smoothie? Those are little things that will improve my quality of life, right ?


Consequently, it will reflect in those around me. By caring for myself, I will better care for others, because I will be coming from a place of totality. A place where there is no lack.  Wholeness..


The truth is we have been trained, to care for others, we are given toy kitchen sets and baby dolls as gifts at very young ages.  This is the reality that we as a society has constructed for our gender. And that’s okay, I love to care for those around me… Giving of myself makes my heart sing with so much glee..  It’s my passion.. It’s all things beautiful and so incredibly feminine.




It can be an ugly thing, when we are pouring out so much, that we become dry. Leading to bitterness and regret and fear. I know that I experience fear all the time, fear of the unknown, fear of my relationships, fear of the idea of really loving myself…

Fear can be gripping and immobilizing, but what I learned today, was a




My heart spoke and I am running with it !!!


Yes, loving myself through self-care and developing rituals is Right !! It’s not selfish at all !! and

By loving myself in this way…the fear of everything !! Has decreased…


I understand this, when there is an ongoing flow of Love—- Fear has to cease, feelings of Peace and Joy and Safety Rises..


Honestly feel freakin Awesome!!!


Wow, all I did was moved my bones and had a green smoothie, now imagine, how we can feel  by making this a habit, without the guilt.  We can change the world !



Amazing, just a ‘lil love dust sprinkled on ME, with intention.. allowed me to open my heart to the possibility of caring for myself without guilt and fear.


Indeed Love begets Love and this is not selfish.



The Mantra for the day:  Self-Love is not Selfish.

Why Busyness Don’t Equal Progress

busy personThere comes a time in our pursuits that’d we have to slow down and nurture ourselves. Those of us who are givers, who have a cause, who are on a divine mission are relentless in their duties.  Sometimes, we don’t know how to take care of ourselves and we get caught up in busyness. Most of the time the answer is to stop the busyness and just be. Just Be. Again I say… Just Be. Know that you have done enough in this moment; and it’s time to care for you. Everything else will be there when you get back. Listen, when we got to busy we cease to be as effective in our mission; because we are not operating from a place of alignment and completeness.

Trust me,  I know, we are all learning balance in this dream walk. However, many of us haven’t quite yet gotten there and that’s okay. So when you are feeling unaligned, when you suffer physical alignment of any kind, when you are feeling boggled down emotionally and mentally, you know that it’s time to reconnect with yourself, your truth and your Divine.  It’s time to sprinkle some Love on you.


As my words nurture others,
so do they nurture me.

Remember, self-love is not selfish. Taking time to nurture yourself is necessary; not because of your cause, and responsibilities. It’s necessary simply because you are your number one priority. Take care of yourself through Divine Love; because you alone are worth your love and attention. I know, it takes time to develop this mindset without guilt or an alter intention of doing it for others. Today, I have learned this through pain.  So let me spare you. Pain is an indicator. It’s a signal to get our attention; but an ounce of prevention goes a long way.  Carve out time for yourself. Do simple things to check in with yourself throughout the day. Perhaps, set your celly alarm to remind yourself to take a deep breathe. Sit quietly for a minute. Be mindful by starting your day with grace, give yourself time in the a.m. Likewise, end your day with gratitude; this could simply be counting your blessings from throughout the day. Heck, count your blessings during the day for even more elevation !

Focus on one thing at a time ! Yes I said it, I know we live in a world of multi-tasking, but give it a shot, start and finish jut one thing. You will feel so good. I mean it ! Don’t stop, don’t get on social media. Don’t check your e-mail. Start on a task and finish. Whoosah.

All of these simple but powerful things will keep us aligned with ourselves and the Divine as we manifest our Destiny.

So, do you need to recover from to much busyness ? What ways do you think you can practice prevention?

How To Release Your Weight

I arrived at this mind space today, that taking care of my body, eating healthy, moving my body, requires love, not discipline, not a program, non of those things matters if my underlying intention is not set in love. So many times I lost weight out of self-hate, more recently I lost weight in order to conceive our baby girl, that was my driving factor, now that she is here, I looked for a reason, I said okay for my family, okay for my health, okay so I can feel sexy again. Okay so my outside can match my inside. But the truth was this.

It’s because I finally Love Myself Enough.

That’s it.

It doesn’t need to be anymore than that.

I chose to practice self- love.

Through making food choices that make my body feel loved and hmmm, through moving my body in a way that feels good and by practicing self-care rituals, because I choose to send loving energy to my body. Nothing else really makes sense to me. It’s all in Love. So every moment, of the day, I have a choice, We have a choice to choose Love.

What is weighing you down ?

Release it, through Self-Love.


Take 5 !


       Hey there !  I am so incredibly in love with the power of breathe.  I say this because it’s so true, think about it, taking deep breathes allows us to deal with all kinds of moments in our lives.  We take a deep breathe before we embark on anything, a job interview, applying for a loan, to gather ourselves before we speak, we breathe in order to face things head on.  Our Breathe is powerful and can be used for big things and small.. Let’s make a habit of connecting with our breathe, not just before we do something, but because it allows us to connect with our spirit. Really, when we take deep breathes, we connect with that part of us that gives peace and reassurance, it lightens us and we are able to release negative emotions and get a clearer mind.  So, here’s what I have been doing and it’s working, mindfully breathing has allowed me to tune into my body and be more peaceful on a continual basis. And get’s what !  This is a form of meditation. Now, our body gives us the go signal  when we need more oxygen so we will naturally take deeper breathes, but most of us are living through shallow breathes.. Practicing deep breathing in shorter periods of time is most beneficial for our health and well being. Likewise, this provides relaxation, which leads to a balance life. Remember, when we do things that feel good and are good for us, we are practicing self-love.  Deep breathing is a wonderful form of self-care.  And we know if we are feeling good, and exuding positive vibes, we attract goodness to us !

When ya feel the tension in your body, Take 5 !

When ya face difficulty , Take 5    !

When ya ready to go off on your co-worker, Take 5 !

When ya kids getting on your nerve, Take 5 !

When ya ready to make big and small decisions, pause and Take 5 !

When you just need a ‘lil peace, Take 5 !

It works…

Here are some benefits of deep breathing:

1. Listening to your breathe is in fact a form of meditation.

2  Taking just 5 breathes, saves on time, most of us are super busy and may not be able to have drawn out meditation sessions, but we can Take 5 breathes anytime.

3. Practicing taking only 5 Breathes increases your  mindfulness and awareness this allows you to channel your inner peace.

4. We live in a chaotic world, full of distractions so taking just 5 breathes, slows us down a bit, so that we can re-focus and remind us that we are human.

5.  You can do this at anytime and anywhere !

So, I charge you, just take 5 breathes, that’s it, just 5, I know you can do it, make them deep !