Sensual Womb Gratitude Meditation and Reading

In this Sensual Transmission.. we connect with our feminine essence, sensual energy and bring our awareness to our womb heart, filling up with the spirit of gratitude.



Goddess.. here’s your invitation.. join me in sisterhood.. as we gather in our Oshun Sweet Honey Gratitude Journey.. for deepening in feminine gratitude magik and miracles… this is medicine for our feminine soul.


We are almost half way through 2015 !!!!  And I want to help You look at where you are,  so far in your Life. The Life Path Soul Guide Session, looks at your Soul’s Truth concerning your Life Purpose, Strengths, Spiritual Supports and any Blocks that you need to address, so that you can live your Soul’s Truth and Life mission.

Your Spiritual Family,  Ancestors, Angels, Guides and our ultimate Creator  will reveal the Truth for your current Life PathAntranette uses her  Spiritual abilities  to assist individuals in understanding  life experiences, from a Divine perspective. As always, Antranette serves as a Spiritual Mirror, connecting you to your inner truth and divinity through sacred communication and divination tools.  In doing so, this opens things up and this truth can be applied to life circumstances with grace and ease.

Sessions are held in person (locally) or over the phone for 45 min increments.

Antranette will also provide  new clients with a Photograph Reading of themselves, with every Reading; so that they will be informed of  their Spirit Guides are helping them in their journey. 


$53 for a live phone session.

$33 for a Distant Card Reading, you will receive an audio or video report.

This is Spirit Work and is not to be taken lightly, please contact me if you are serious about getting clarity and support  for your life.

You are safe, You are Loved , and You can Trust that You are in the Right Place for this Time in Your life.

It is not by chance that you arrived here.

Fill out the form below and I will contact within 72 hours to schedule a phone meeting so that we can connect. I am here for you. Blessings, Love and Light send your way.

Angel Reading: Using Your Divine Power

Peace and Blessings,  I was lead to pull a card for those who are open to Receive, here is you Healing Angel Message for today:

I used The Healing with the Angels Deck by Doreen.

Now,  this card is representing Divine Power and the way in which we utilize this power. We are being guided to magikally speak our reality and project our Will as we Pull in and harness this Divine Power through God, the Angels and Spirit. Once we become aware of the cyclical nature of this power, then  we are then able to increase our spiritual intelligence and Will this power through Love for our highest good and for those around us, and to the land in which we live and then to the World. Don’t fear your Power, harness it with love, through the might of the Angels who walk with you, they want to help us become spiritually conscious about these matters. Remember, as a person speaks, so they are. Is this not magikal and miraculous in nature?
Angel Card
I want to hear from You, Comment below, let me know how you feel about this Message. Blessings on your path.

New Past Life Readings !!!

Past Life Reading

The intent of a Past Life Readings is to provide  information that will help individuals heal in their current life by freeing themselves of past pains. This information is to be used as  a catalyst in the  healing process and help dear Souls move forward in their current life. Information gained from a Past Life Reading will help individuals identify behavioral patterns that is linked to their past, so that they will live in a continual cycle of negative life outcomes.

Learn information that will help you transform all areas of life,  physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Learn how your current life is intertwined with the lives of your beloved Ancestors.

Antranette is a Spiritual Medium and will use sacred communication as well as divination tools to Channel Past Life Information that Your Spirit Guides feel is necessary for your  Highest Good.

We will discuss any  karmic ties that you may have that is effecting your current life.

Individuals will be able to use the information received in a Past Life Reading to remove blocks that may be causing problems in their current life.

The information you will gain  in a Past Life Reading can help you Transform many concerns such as :

Physical problems such as alignments

Explained phobias

Negative emotions

Make peace with relationships

Bring in the flow of Love an Abundance

Provide Clarity

Understanding and Forgiveness

Move forward


Live Phone Past Life Reading is a donation of $50.

Distant Past Life Channeled with the Cards Reading is a donation of $30.

Your will receive  your Report in an audio or video format.


Please fill out the form, and you will be contacted within 72 hours.

Love Life Reading Special

Blessings, for the entire month of February, I will be sharing Love Life Readings at a special donation for individuals and couples. Your  Spirit Guides, Angels and Ancestors want the very best for us, especially concerning Love !  If you have felt called to receive a reading concerning your love life.  If you are interested diving deeper into relationship matters such as concerns in your relationship or marriage,  learning the current status of your love life, if the person is your soul mate or twin flame, how to transform your love life, future love life and how to recover from heart ache this session is for you. This is the time for you.

Here it is !


$37  for a Phone Reading.

$27 for a Distant Card Reading.

You will receive an audio or video your Oracle Report and it’s yours to keep.

Antranette will also provide clients with a “Spirit” Photograph Reading of themselves, with every Reading; so that they will be informed of  their Spirit Guides are helping them in their journey. 

Please Note, This is Spirit Work and is not to be taken lightly, please contact me if you are serious about getting clarity and support  for your life.

Please allow up to 72 hours for a response.


Candle Reading Results from a Vigil

During the New Years Eve, I was led by Spirit to offer a donation free candle vigil (setting of lights) in African-American Hoodoo/Voodoo tradition. I set this light  for St. Jude the Patron of  Miracles and Impossibilities from St. Jude for those my dear friends on Facebook, my daily stomping grounds 🙂 You can connect with me on Facebook at anytime, I share love and light often ! Blessings

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