Feel the Feels Feminine Release: Insecurity

Womb Goddess,

In my Womb Goddess Circle on face book  we’re journey freely in Womb Love this for the month of love. I have dedicate the first week to Feel the Feel Feminine Release, clearing out  ill feelings ready to go.. so that they do not crystallize in our womb as Dis-ease.. this month is all about releasing barriers to love through our womb.. a Womb Love Devotional journey and its a free invitation..

Today, I am clearing insecurity..  


Haaa…as I seep into this I innerstand that it’s not about faith, faith in my spiritual supports…its about placing trust within myself, entrusting my being and body with..Me..under the guidance of my own Head Spirit, Ori. .this is a devotion all its own. I place my faith in fear..many days and force myself into separation of my own love, not the love of The Mother or Orishas or even my own Ori, Egbe or Egun..they all love me, even Mother Earth is rooting for my success in this life for the greatness of humanity seeping in love. I’ve been feeling deep insecurity…not in forces “outside” of me, but by the force that is me.. I provide my own security first..I give myself the deep loving support first..and like all things it replicates and multiples…the laws are always at play. As I journeyed back home  to womb love today, my final words…as I placed my hand on my heart, connecting with the love of my womb..I spoke ever so clearly. . I can be trusted. It was never about the forces outside of me, of course Mother Universe adore me, I’m alive..I’m still here and the gift of life..is Still keeping me alive..its sheer love that holds me here.. and it will be love that carries me back to the ethers..but for now, I am here and the only separation I need to attend to is the love of my own, the love already given to me for me..as I turned my heart towards me..the truth arise..in an affirming.. all I need in this moment..just for today, “I can be trusted”..just as I trust my womb to cycle as loves nature intended…the blood of life to cease in the time allotted for flow, so I trust..my own guidance..which amazingly aligns with the guidance of my team who loves me dearly. ..I’m a Priestess.. I accept and allow for this… my whole life resonates in the trust of the unknown for my good, the call is large, I’ve made my choice…and now I live in it. My security begins with me. Today, I am clearing In-security..I am an empty vessel..may I be filled with perfect love, light and breathe. Ase’ #WombNurture

Womb Love Devotional Month

Hey Sisterloves,

Womb Restoration + Love Month Devotion + Winning 



Freely…for the month of Love we’ll delve deeper into our Womb Restoration and Love.. weekly throughout the month I’ll come to you with a beautiful Womb Devotion, recipes, prayers, videos from my deep womb healing, herbs and all things womb love to add your womb practice, recall or to initiate… we will then close out this Womb Love Devotional month in a Womb Health Restoration, Clearing and Blessing Circle in the Virgo Full Moon, March 2nd, Oshun Day.  AND You can win an opportunity to come into the Moon Circle at Pay-What-You-Can.

All you have to do to enter is Document your devotion by posting a journal post, inspirational or artistic posts, a photo image or even a video Sistars, Show me the Womb Love of how you Felt before, during and after your devotion each week with #WombNurture Fall Deeply Madly in Love with your Holy Grail and I will be doing the same ! That’s It Your Entered to Win. I will announce February 28.   Whose In?


Join my Facebook Group Womb Goddess Circle to share in this journey !

I Am, Who I Am

I am feeling very vulnerable this morning, could be from lack of sleep or just because I need to share, I am in a place where I know I can not go back to the way I was, I can never be that person again, I know to much about myself now. I am in the process of accepting who I really am. To own my psychic/spiritual abilities and use them for good. It has been made clear that my gifts are handed down to me by my ancestors and even my own grandmother, bless her. It makes it even more, okay for me to know that my grandmother did her best to help reverse evil works and heal people, she was a prime example for me and a lot of things, I am not aware of because I was a child, I just seen her do so many nice things for folks in our community from advocating, offering a shelter, and now I have learned doing spiritual works. I have accepted that this is African Spirituality at its best, and that it is not wrong, and I am called to do the same. The world tells me its wrong. I know that there is light and dark in all us all therefore, believing in or practicing any spirituality will reflect that. I feel I am going against the grain and I can never return. Ignorance is bliss. I feel that I don’t want to be just grouped with “those people”, “devil worshipers” and those “bound for hell”, because that is not who I am. I do not and will never practice in such a manner. I am here to heal people through what has been passed down to me, and what is Divinely given. I feel like an outsider now. I feel have much to give yet much to learn. So, as I write these words, I have tears, I dunno if there are tears of sadness, of leaving behind the old me, or what it is really, but it’s need right now. I am changed and everything that I thought and taught was truth is no longer true for me, I am behind the veil. I have finally let myself go there. After, shutting this part of myself down. I can never go back and part of that saddens me. At the same time, I am free. This is who I am. I am a Spirit Messenger. I am a Healer.

Self-Acceptance is key to peace. Accept who you are, it’s a process worth going through.

Why Busyness Don’t Equal Progress

busy personThere comes a time in our pursuits that’d we have to slow down and nurture ourselves. Those of us who are givers, who have a cause, who are on a divine mission are relentless in their duties.  Sometimes, we don’t know how to take care of ourselves and we get caught up in busyness. Most of the time the answer is to stop the busyness and just be. Just Be. Again I say… Just Be. Know that you have done enough in this moment; and it’s time to care for you. Everything else will be there when you get back. Listen, when we got to busy we cease to be as effective in our mission; because we are not operating from a place of alignment and completeness.

Trust me,  I know, we are all learning balance in this dream walk. However, many of us haven’t quite yet gotten there and that’s okay. So when you are feeling unaligned, when you suffer physical alignment of any kind, when you are feeling boggled down emotionally and mentally, you know that it’s time to reconnect with yourself, your truth and your Divine.  It’s time to sprinkle some Love on you.


As my words nurture others,
so do they nurture me.

Remember, self-love is not selfish. Taking time to nurture yourself is necessary; not because of your cause, and responsibilities. It’s necessary simply because you are your number one priority. Take care of yourself through Divine Love; because you alone are worth your love and attention. I know, it takes time to develop this mindset without guilt or an alter intention of doing it for others. Today, I have learned this through pain.  So let me spare you. Pain is an indicator. It’s a signal to get our attention; but an ounce of prevention goes a long way.  Carve out time for yourself. Do simple things to check in with yourself throughout the day. Perhaps, set your celly alarm to remind yourself to take a deep breathe. Sit quietly for a minute. Be mindful by starting your day with grace, give yourself time in the a.m. Likewise, end your day with gratitude; this could simply be counting your blessings from throughout the day. Heck, count your blessings during the day for even more elevation !

Focus on one thing at a time ! Yes I said it, I know we live in a world of multi-tasking, but give it a shot, start and finish jut one thing. You will feel so good. I mean it ! Don’t stop, don’t get on social media. Don’t check your e-mail. Start on a task and finish. Whoosah.

All of these simple but powerful things will keep us aligned with ourselves and the Divine as we manifest our Destiny.

So, do you need to recover from to much busyness ? What ways do you think you can practice prevention?

Fun Mirror Building

So funny, today my husband caught me doing some mirror work, I was singing a love rhyme to myself and dancing as I was brushing my teeth and he caught me red handed.. it was so funny ! All we could both do is LOL !!! Loving me and being Silly is Fun !! We created a magical moment !!! 

Oh, what is mirror work you say ?

Well, mirror work or Mirror Building as I affectionately say, because taking care of ourselves is not work !! It’s building up !

Anywho, Mirror Building is when you look yourself in the mirror, gaze deeply in your eyes and say lovely, motivating affirmations or mantras.

For example, you can say

(Your Name)  I love you.

I am Beautiful

I am Lovely

I am Wonderfully created.

I am……

Get it ?

This is a lovely way to train your brain into believing you are what you say you are !!!

“As a man thinketh in his heart so is he,”  James Allen

But I say  As a LADY thinketh in her heart so SHE is !

We are what we believe, so mirror work is a wonderful technique to reprogram your mind in self-love.

Make it a habit, every time you look at yourself in the mirror, and why not your looking all the time anyway, so instead of looking at your flaws, and beating yourself up Divines, reinforce what’s already there !

Beauty inside and out !!

See, this is the thing, when we do what makes us feel good, we will continue… we are wired that way..

If something hurts why don’t mess with it !


If it feels good, oh baby, give us more and more lol  Mirror work doesn’t have to be so serious.

Think this way as you practice your self-love techniques.

So, I challenge you to make up a silly song and dance, that you can do in the mirror, do it anytime, if your at your workplace, and a restaurant or anywhere, you can still look into the mirror and sing your silly love song !!! Do it in your heart, but if your really Bold you will do it out loud !!!  You never know, who will catch you in action, and both of you can create magic ! 🙂

Now go sprinkle some love on yourself !