Feel the Feels Feminine Release: Insecurity

Womb Goddess,

In my Womb Goddess Circle on face book  we’re journey freely in Womb Love this for the month of love. I have dedicate the first week to Feel the Feel Feminine Release, clearing out  ill feelings ready to go.. so that they do not crystallize in our womb as Dis-ease.. this month is all about releasing barriers to love through our womb.. a Womb Love Devotional journey and its a free invitation..

Today, I am clearing insecurity..  


Haaa…as I seep into this I innerstand that it’s not about faith, faith in my spiritual supports…its about placing trust within myself, entrusting my being and body with..Me..under the guidance of my own Head Spirit, Ori. .this is a devotion all its own. I place my faith in fear..many days and force myself into separation of my own love, not the love of The Mother or Orishas or even my own Ori, Egbe or Egun..they all love me, even Mother Earth is rooting for my success in this life for the greatness of humanity seeping in love. I’ve been feeling deep insecurity…not in forces “outside” of me, but by the force that is me.. I provide my own security first..I give myself the deep loving support first..and like all things it replicates and multiples…the laws are always at play. As I journeyed back home  to womb love today, my final words…as I placed my hand on my heart, connecting with the love of my womb..I spoke ever so clearly. . I can be trusted. It was never about the forces outside of me, of course Mother Universe adore me, I’m alive..I’m still here and the gift of life..is Still keeping me alive..its sheer love that holds me here.. and it will be love that carries me back to the ethers..but for now, I am here and the only separation I need to attend to is the love of my own, the love already given to me for me..as I turned my heart towards me..the truth arise..in an affirming.. all I need in this moment..just for today, “I can be trusted”..just as I trust my womb to cycle as loves nature intended…the blood of life to cease in the time allotted for flow, so I trust..my own guidance..which amazingly aligns with the guidance of my team who loves me dearly. ..I’m a Priestess.. I accept and allow for this… my whole life resonates in the trust of the unknown for my good, the call is large, I’ve made my choice…and now I live in it. My security begins with me. Today, I am clearing In-security..I am an empty vessel..may I be filled with perfect love, light and breathe. Ase’ #WombNurture

Ancestral Pathways: Accomplishing Goals with Ancestors

When you meet goals and do personal development with your Ancestors you are healing them and changing future generations to come !

Ancestral Pathways: Evolving in Ancestry

Blessings, in this Ancestral Pathways vid, I am sharing how we are comprised of infinite versions of our Ancestors, and how we can tap into them for our own Life. Indeed , we are the Evolving Ancestors. We are comprised of various versions of Ancestors,   these versions are essentially ourselves in the power and abilities imprinted by our Ancestors. These Versions are available to help us in the Earth.

What do you think? Comment, Share, Reach one, Teach one.


How to Energetically Create an Ancestor Totem

Blessings, in this video, I share how I Energetically Create an Ancestral Symbol, Totem, Sign to connect with my Ancestors, one was actually given to me by my grandma, hope this blesses you.  I will like to add that you can draw an Ancestral Sigil, that can also serve in connecting with your Ancestors.  Please let me know if you have any questions. Comment Below. Blessings.


We are almost half way through 2015 !!!!  And I want to help You look at where you are,  so far in your Life. The Life Path Soul Guide Session, looks at your Soul’s Truth concerning your Life Purpose, Strengths, Spiritual Supports and any Blocks that you need to address, so that you can live your Soul’s Truth and Life mission.

Your Spiritual Family,  Ancestors, Angels, Guides and our ultimate Creator  will reveal the Truth for your current Life PathAntranette uses her  Spiritual abilities  to assist individuals in understanding  life experiences, from a Divine perspective. As always, Antranette serves as a Spiritual Mirror, connecting you to your inner truth and divinity through sacred communication and divination tools.  In doing so, this opens things up and this truth can be applied to life circumstances with grace and ease.

Sessions are held in person (locally) or over the phone for 45 min increments.

Antranette will also provide  new clients with a Photograph Reading of themselves, with every Reading; so that they will be informed of  their Spirit Guides are helping them in their journey. 


$53 for a live phone session.

$33 for a Distant Card Reading, you will receive an audio or video report.

This is Spirit Work and is not to be taken lightly, please contact me if you are serious about getting clarity and support  for your life.

You are safe, You are Loved , and You can Trust that You are in the Right Place for this Time in Your life.

It is not by chance that you arrived here.

Fill out the form below and I will contact within 72 hours to schedule a phone meeting so that we can connect. I am here for you. Blessings, Love and Light send your way.

Great Mother Yemaya Spoke

Go Deep, But come up for Air~ Great Mother Yemaya Yemaya3.120131744_std.jpg (396×550)

Today, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed, I have been in the throws of healing my womb from past pains, learning to work with my womb energies while doing a spiritual detox; along with my life responsibilities.  So, today I began to feel a bit overwhelmed, and a bit fearful of publicizing my healing journey.  I overstand that this process is not for the faint of heart and through sharing my journey I am taking a stance against sexual trauma for all women. Illuminating my darkness is giving other’s permission to do the same and heal.

However, as I journey deep down into these deep dark healing waters, some time I need to come up for Air. Even deep divers come up for breathe and to recoup.  So, I find myself in need of balance.  My soul cried out to the Great Mother which was very fitting as we are in Full Moon energy at this time.  I was one of my sacred spaces, my bathroom shower and I began to feel the Moon Light encamp around me, I connected further with her through visualizing her vastness, her fullness. The Energy was immense!   Especially as I allowed the water to pour on my head, it was almost as if I was being baptized through the water from the Moon itself.

I heard a voice say to me, “Go deep, but come up for Air” I knew this was the Great Mother Spirit but I wasn’t for sure who.  I began to see my Yemaya Oracle Card and other images of her.  It was clear. She was with me. Showing me to go deep in the healing waters, but come up for Air, meaning be balanced in my healing process and Life.

The Great Mother Yemaya showed her self to me in the Fullness of the Moon, she said that we are one in the same, as I looked closely I saw my very ow face in the Moon.

This Divine message has given me instant peace, as I give myself permission to relax  in this journey. As it is just that, a journey. I have come so far since my soul intention with the Spring Equinox.  Even so, much I have learned from my Womb, so much Old  Pain, and Old Energy of Trauma I have released from her. It is Amazing. I celebrate this !

Now, I pray to the Great Mother to help me be balanced as I swim in these healing waters. She showed me, my Womb Spirit, the Mermaid, as she swims up and down going deep and coming back up for air.  I to must do the same, it is in the coming back up for air that I celebrate and process my experiences.  Its time to Breathe for a bit. To relax in my healing energies and process.  It’s okay I am learning as  I go. I welcome the support of all my Guides, Angels, Ancestors and the Great Mother to see me through and to help me stand as a testament for others to heal.   And so it is.

Thank you for witnessing me. ❤

Does this message apply to you, are you doing Alot of Spiritual Work and need bit of a breather? Some balance?

Comment Below.