Free New Moon Ancestral Libation & Blessing Circle

Alafia ! Your invited to  join me Freely in an  community Ancestral Libation and Blessing Circle on the New Moon, Sunday April 15th where we will gather and pour libations and other ground offerings and pray blessings for our Egun together for additional support for this season in our lives. There is undeniable power when women gather together. Ase’O.  

New Moon Ancestral Libation  &  Blessing Circle

April 15th at 8:00 pm est

This is taking place in a free Video Conference format.


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Ancestral Pathways: Healing Painful Ancestral Memory

Blessings, I share my divine encounters with my Ancestors and experiencing painful ancestor memory.  Healing painful ancestral memory comes through healing ourselves, particularly for women healing painful Womb memory that lies within women throughout generations. Thanks for watching and comment below any feelings you may have.

Ancestral Pathways: Connecting and Healing with Ancestral Mothers

Blessings, I share 3 divine encounters with my Ancestral Mothers. Healing painful ancestral memory comes through healing ourselves.  and when we heal ourselves we heal our ancestors and blood line. Let me know what experiences you have had with your ancestral mothers comment below.

Ancestral Pathways: Accomplishing Goals with Ancestors

When you meet goals and do personal development with your Ancestors you are healing them and changing future generations to come !

Ancestral Pathways: Evolving in Ancestry

Blessings, in this Ancestral Pathways vid, I am sharing how we are comprised of infinite versions of our Ancestors, and how we can tap into them for our own Life. Indeed , we are the Evolving Ancestors. We are comprised of various versions of Ancestors,   these versions are essentially ourselves in the power and abilities imprinted by our Ancestors. These Versions are available to help us in the Earth.

What do you think? Comment, Share, Reach one, Teach one.


How to Energetically Create an Ancestor Totem

Blessings, in this video, I share how I Energetically Create an Ancestral Symbol, Totem, Sign to connect with my Ancestors, one was actually given to me by my grandma, hope this blesses you.  I will like to add that you can draw an Ancestral Sigil, that can also serve in connecting with your Ancestors.  Please let me know if you have any questions. Comment Below. Blessings.