Align & Rise Coaching Program

Align & Rise Transformational Coaching program will help you express your vision, identify your  values, set  goals that you feel passionate about and create a plan for your own development. You will do this by learning to be present in the moment, practice awareness, and gain wisdom through reflection. You will come into Alignment, which is a sense of “coming home” to oneself through learning what is true for you on a deeper level. You will Rise up and be able to express yourself through creative action steps and planning as a result of being in alignment with your core self.

By partaking in this program, you will transform your life by being deeply heard, understood and recognized for your gifts and abilities. Transformation is the process of shifting from limitations in this life to full creativity and expression. This program is founded in a resourceful viewpoint, every individual is whole and have everything needed to live to their fullest potential in life.

Ultimately, you will develop a closer relationship with your inner self, this inner knowingness will guide you in creating the life you are called to live.


This program is for you if you area Lady who wants to learn how to :

-Break through limiting beliefs

-Understand and Align with your core values

-Set goals that your  passionate about

-Live in the Moment

– Support yourself

-Expand your view

-Trust Yourself and your Intuition

-Take action based on your values

-Be present & show up in your life

-Tune in to yourself, others and the environment

-Access your inner wisdom

-Say Goodbye to your inner critic

-Envision your future

Align & Rise Transformational Coaching Program is available for groups and individuals. Individuals and groups can meet with Antranette in person locally. The program is available for individuals distantly soon, as well.

The program includes six individual or  group sessions.

Private Group Rates available for up to 6 individuals, with 3 hours of additional one-on-one coaching available over the course of the program for group members.


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