31 Love Notes

I remember when I was in grade school.  I would write notes to my friends, and it was silly, fun and it felt amazing. To pass around those little love notes to each other.  Then as I got older, my high school boyfriend and I would write each other notes, and exchange them in the halls after class periods. lol okay I am totally aging myself.. but,  it brings a smile to my face.. sweet memories around kind words passed from one heart to another written in little notes folded up in discretion.  So I got inspired by a little book called 31 Days of Praise by Ruth Myers. And so, I have decided to write 31 Love Notes to you !

A wonderful healing technique… from my heart to yours ❤


Love Note No. 1

Dear Divine,

I know that you are trying hard to get things done, STOP IT !  You don’t have to try at all, just BE  and everything will fall into place.  You know that self-love is the key to manifesting your dreams, so keep sprinkling love on yourself every chance you get.  Just know that despite what at feels like at times, you are loved and supported. Your passion is secure and you know exactly what you need.  Search deep within and you will find a treasure of love for yourself and the world. I am grateful that you take time to work on your dreams on a regular basis. Remember that, I love you no matter what ! I am here for you ! I care about you ! and you are successful when you live in your passion.<3