Summer Womb Renewal Blessing Circle

Sister Womb Goddess,

Join me this Summer Solstice on the evening of June 22nd to honor our Womb with Blessings of Renewal. It is our nature to hold hold on to patterns and matters of last seasons.. limiting beliefs, grief, emotional and physical memories in our Holy Grail.

Let’s come together this Summer Solstice for a Womb Renewal Blessing to let go of all that we no longer need and welcome in the new season feeling lighter and brilliant as the sun! 

In this  Womb Renewal Circle  your Womb will Receive:

*Goddess Divination 

*Feminine Roots Grounding

*Womb Renewal & Blessing

*Womb Light Medicine from the Sun

*Womb Goddess Sisterhood

*Special Offer on Womb Divination & Womb Wellness Consults


Investment        $21   PAY-WHAT-YOU-CAN !!! 


This Womb Renewal and Blessing Circle will take place online through Live Video Conferencing.

Join by June 22  at 6 pm EST.

  1. Make your Exchange Here.
  2. Fill out the form to Receive Your Log In Credentials.  Thank you.




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