Greetings Womb Goddesses !
The Full Moon on April 11, 2017 is known as Pink Moon, Growing Moon or Hare Moon. Its a beautiful moon in Libra for intending on harmonizing our Yoni energy and stories. We here in the Womb Goddess Circle intend to use this moon in such away that allows in receiving more pleasure in my life, more rest and rejuvenation, more harmony with my yoni as my guide.  I invite you in to  our Womb Goddess Full Moon Circle for Yoni Love, Release and expanded in Pleasure. The Full Pink Moon Release, Yoni Love.
Here we peel back the layers and allow our Yoni to speak. We give her a voice to share with us those early onset experiences that diminished our Innocence. We are innately good and we are worthy of Soulful goodness, to receive nurture and love from ourselves. To experience pleasure that only we can give. Its truly a gift from Godis within and without.
The vibrating number for this Circle is 4 which is foundation, connected to our root chakra. Our yoni, vaginal opening, walls and canal is associated with our root. Our self-worth to give ourselves pleasure and live fully is associated with our innate holiness. And we are worthy, we were born this way. We choose to release all stories that does not serve this divine intent. We are pleasure filled Soulful Goddess. I invite you to join this Circle.
Your Yoni will receive:
Meditatiave Journey
Energy Clearing
Sacred Messages
A voice.
Space to Be with her.
Remembrance of her holiness
Blessings on this Work, may we be held in divine love and light through the Power of our Higher Selves, Yoni, Ancestors and Iya’s. Ase’.
The soulful money exchange for this Yoni Love Full Moon Circle is $31.
I welcome you.
2. Fill out the Form.
3. Mark your Calendar for Apirl 11, 2017 at 9 pm EST
4. You will receive log in information for the webinar on Zoom.  (The event will be recorded, but please honor yourself by being seen and receiving Ase’,)

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