Magikal Power of the Yew Tree: Death and Rebirth

The Magikal Power of the Yew Tree: Death and Rebirthyewtree
This morning my beloved grandmother came to me, she reached out her hand and touched my womb. She gave me a healing message. I felt peace and stillness. I saw her standing there on the side of me, but before she came directly through I saw an image of a tree branch with red berries, I thought okay, am I to ingest these berries, but to my surprise these berries are found of the the Yew Tree known as the Tree of Death. This tree has been found in north west Africa and Europe, and North American,its an ancestral tree, known to many including the indigenous folks of this here land. This tree has been planted at landmarks, churches and cemeteries. They have survived the Ice Age ! They have been around for over 4,000 years. The have the ability to Re-Birth themselves from within their deep hallow. They are also deadly, every part of them from their bark to the berries are deadly ! Highly protective and connected to the Goddess Crone and Ancestral Realm. So, today this tree came as a catalyst for my Beloved Mama to give me a healing message and to reassure that even as I face transformational death, I am simply transitioning into being renewed. Re-born in the creation of my mind, body and soul. So, I don’t face this death alone, all things must come to an end, to be reborn, to go to the light of dawn. To Be Healed. This is my Time of Death and Rebirth. This is Our Time to be Healed. Give Thanks ! Above. Below. Ase’.