The Gift of Yoni Juice

Council of Wild Women

Yoni juices are said to grant man superpowers of enlightenment and spiritual awareness. He may not advance to the position of physical and spiritual perfection nor consider himself perfected or enlightened without ever indulging in the nectar of the yoni. Read and learn…

Kamil Zvelebil’s translation of a late medieval Tamil poem, the Kāmapānacāstiram (“ Treatise on the Arrow of Lust”):

“First Stage: Like a cow which licks tenderly its calf spread out your tongue broad and lick her yoni lapping up the juices oozing out like a thirsty dog which laps cool water.

Second Stage: Like a worshipper who circumambulates the shrine pass your tongue over her yoni round around from left to right, moving in ever narrowing circles till you reach the very center. Her yoni will open up like a dark and gaping chasm. Open then the vulva’s lips with firm pressure of your tongue and insert…

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