Womb Goddess: Yoni (Vagina) Spiritual & Physical Detox

Blessings, in this Womb Goddess vid, I am sharing my Yoni Detox Bath receipe & my Yoni Healing experience of releasing dark energy, knowing that memory is simply a capture of energy, lean in, relive and release the spiritual and physical imbalance. Thank you for witnessing and sharing your feelings below.

Easy Spiritual Cleansing with an Egg!

Peace, I’m sharing my experience with spiritually clearing the energy of my Head, with an whole raw Egg. This is the Power of the Egg! As guided by my Ancestors Tradition. SIMPLE AND IT WORKS!  Blessings

Ancestral Pathways: Healing Painful Ancestral Memory

Blessings, I share my divine encounters with my Ancestors and experiencing painful ancestor memory.  Healing painful ancestral memory comes through healing ourselves, particularly for women healing painful Womb memory that lies within women throughout generations. Thanks for watching and comment below any feelings you may have.

Ancestral Pathways: Connecting and Healing with Ancestral Mothers

Blessings, I share 3 divine encounters with my Ancestral Mothers. Healing painful ancestral memory comes through healing ourselves.  and when we heal ourselves we heal our ancestors and blood line. Let me know what experiences you have had with your ancestral mothers comment below.