Womb Goddess: Sex, Cake and Tea PMS Support

3 thoughts on “Womb Goddess: Sex, Cake and Tea PMS Support

  1. Thelondonflowerlover says:

    thank you for connecting us back to the lifeforce and the thread that connects us back to life, by paying attention to ourselves, to tend, to care for, and its a really powerful quality to love up on our female resource, joy, happiness and creativity. That then helps us to adapt and rebirth ourselves….great post , more please


  2. Thelondonflowerlover says:

    so much of the feminine is about giving attention to what really matters, our own joy, our own sexiness between the ears and well as in our love garden…..recalling the joy of our lown love garden reteaches us to hold our attention on ‘power’ and the beauty of that is what make us flourish X


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