Give Yourself A Love Break with Archangel Chamuel & Pink Light

Blessings, this is how you can take a LOVE BREAK, when your feeling the pressures of life. Love is the foundation for all miracles, so set the intention to bring in more Love for You first.

Womb Goddess: Healing Self and Relationships

 Love and Light, I am chronicling my experience through out my Womb Healing journey via vlogging and blogging, in this vid I talk about healing both female and male relationships and Vulnerability. I am calling this creation “Womb Goddess ” as my womb Spirit speaks to heal and elevate. Thank you for witnessing my journey. Blessings.

Womb Goddess: Full Moon, Ovulation, Manifestation

Use your Full Moon, Ovulation Creative Energy for healing and manifestation in your life.

Ancestor Healing: Energy, Meditation and 3 Visualizations To Contact Ancestors and Loved Ones

Peace, this is my experience with 3 visualizations to better connect and send Love to your Ancestors across time and space.  To send love back to your Ancestors and connect with the Child self of your ancestors and even parents who are alive today. I am amazed about how I was able to send love and receive it Back almost instantaneously! I hope this blesses you, Share This ! Each One, Teach One RIght ♡


Womb Goddess: Wanning Moon, Womb, PMS Support

Peace, in this Womb Goddess video, I’m sharing how I am supporting myself during the wanning moon, pre-menstrual phase of my cycle and how I used my full moon, ovulation, creative energy to heal and manifest. Thank you for witnessing me. ♡