How to be Pain Free

We all have a choice, we can be bound to those memories of pain or we can forgive and move forward.   Today I realized that I can truly be free from ill feelings that haunt me as a result of painful memories and so can you.  So, what do I mean by this, do you ever have a moment when an ill memory surface from you past and it makes you feel absolutely horrid, gripped in the place as if it were happening all over again. The moment when you feel fear, pain, frustration, regret and ever formidable feeling comes rushing back. Yes, we all have them, and when we do we have a choice, we can chose to be gripped by that moment and push it back down or we can face it with love and forgiveness.  I believe that putting some “love on it” is the cure.  When these memories come up, it’s an opportunity to heal. It’s an opportunity to release and free yourself. It’s an opportunity to forgive and send love to that person or event from your past or even yourself.

So, perhaps you have been working on forgiveness, and you felt like you did a whole lotta forgivin so far… well that’s wonderful ! Or, perhaps, you are not ready to put in the effort yet, that’s okay too, move at your own pace. Here’s the thing, regardless of all the structured efforts we put in, there a things pushed so deep that we haven’t reached them yet, sometimes they are triggered through music, visuals, foods, and any other way that tantalize our senses and bring forth memories. We love when this happens in a feel good way, we call this nostalgia, but when this happens and we feel pain we are immediately ready to push it away.

I give your courage today, I give you permission to deal with those feelings and memories, you are safe and you are loved. It’s okay. You don’t have to continue to run, you can release and be free.

Here’s some tips:

1. Make up your mind that when a bad memory comes to you, you will address it in that moment; give yourself full permission to deal. Your okay, your safe and it’s the past, you are not in that place anymore.

2. When the memory comes to you explore it, feel those feelings, they are real, maybe you couldn’t deal with it at the time, and so now is the time; so that you can be free. Just feel those feelings, give yourself a moment to go back there, and see the situation. It’s okay.

3. Release compassion on the situation, on everyone involved, this includes you ! Sometimes, we have memories that come back as a result of regret.

4. Put some ”love on it”

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