Angel Reading: Using Your Divine Power

Peace and Blessings,  I was lead to pull a card for those who are open to Receive, here is you Healing Angel Message for today:

I used The Healing with the Angels Deck by Doreen.

Now,  this card is representing Divine Power and the way in which we utilize this power. We are being guided to magikally speak our reality and project our Will as we Pull in and harness this Divine Power through God, the Angels and Spirit. Once we become aware of the cyclical nature of this power, then  we are then able to increase our spiritual intelligence and Will this power through Love for our highest good and for those around us, and to the land in which we live and then to the World. Don’t fear your Power, harness it with love, through the might of the Angels who walk with you, they want to help us become spiritually conscious about these matters. Remember, as a person speaks, so they are. Is this not magikal and miraculous in nature?
Angel Card
I want to hear from You, Comment below, let me know how you feel about this Message. Blessings on your path.

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