New Past Life Readings !!!

Past Life Reading

The intent of a Past Life Readings is to provide  information that will help individuals heal in their current life by freeing themselves of past pains. This information is to be used as  a catalyst in the  healing process and help dear Souls move forward in their current life. Information gained from a Past Life Reading will help individuals identify behavioral patterns that is linked to their past, so that they will live in a continual cycle of negative life outcomes.

Learn information that will help you transform all areas of life,  physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Learn how your current life is intertwined with the lives of your beloved Ancestors.

Antranette is a Spiritual Medium and will use sacred communication as well as divination tools to Channel Past Life Information that Your Spirit Guides feel is necessary for your  Highest Good.

We will discuss any  karmic ties that you may have that is effecting your current life.

Individuals will be able to use the information received in a Past Life Reading to remove blocks that may be causing problems in their current life.

The information you will gain  in a Past Life Reading can help you Transform many concerns such as :

Physical problems such as alignments

Explained phobias

Negative emotions

Make peace with relationships

Bring in the flow of Love an Abundance

Provide Clarity

Understanding and Forgiveness

Move forward


Live Phone Past Life Reading is a donation of $50.

Distant Past Life Channeled with the Cards Reading is a donation of $30.

Your will receive  your Report in an audio or video format.


Please fill out the form, and you will be contacted within 72 hours.

Healing: Reconciling with Your Ancestors

Blessings, in this video, I share my feelings and initial thought process that is helping me reconcile societal pressures of racism as it relates to connecting with my Ancestors. I hope this blesses you. Let me know how you feel ? How are coming along with connecting with your Ancestors?

Channeled Angel Message: Listen, Your Being Guided

Love and Light to you all, this Angel Message is for you if you feel called to it.

Angel Message: Your Intuition is in Gear, ListenDisplaying 20150201_101431.jpg

The Angels want you to know that the guidance that you are receiving concerning current events in your life, projects and future visions are indeed REAL. Yes, you care co-creating your life, and the Angels are here to help you along. They want you to trust the  Intuition you have been blessed with, this is your Inner Compass for Life. The angles are sending you signs, through sounds, visions, dreams and encounters with the Angels themselves.  The want you to know that they are here to help you create your heart desires. Because when you trust the feelings in your body, those inklings your are aligned with what’s good for you in your life.  They angels are urging you to believe that you are actually being Guided. Know that you can trust those feelings. It’s Real. You can trust your heart. It’s Real. You can trust your deep desires and feelings about what matter the most to you at this time.  It’s Real.  All of the ways for which you Receive Confirmation is happening for you, so that you can KNOW that you are on the Right Track. Don’t second guess yourself.  Align yourself up to take action through your  thoughts, because those thoughts are Real. No, you are Not Crazy !

Learn to Trust the Divine Guidance of your Spiritual Family and your Higher Self.

Take Action:

Check in with yourself often, Ask Archangel Gabriel to help you process your visions, emotions, thoughts and all of your desires. Be patient in your process. Write them down and allow your destine to unfold before your eyes. Keep the Faith as your are not Alone. We have much help in Spirit.

Now, I hope this blesses you as it did me.

Let me know how this served you? Does this resonate for you?

I would love to here back from you.