Love Life Reading Special

Blessings, for the entire month of February, I will be sharing Love Life Readings at a special donation for individuals and couples. Your  Spirit Guides, Angels and Ancestors want the very best for us, especially concerning Love !  If you have felt called to receive a reading concerning your love life.  If you are interested diving deeper into relationship matters such as concerns in your relationship or marriage,  learning the current status of your love life, if the person is your soul mate or twin flame, how to transform your love life, future love life and how to recover from heart ache this session is for you. This is the time for you.

Here it is !


$37  for a Phone Reading.

$27 for a Distant Card Reading.

You will receive an audio or video your Oracle Report and it’s yours to keep.

Antranette will also provide clients with a “Spirit” Photograph Reading of themselves, with every Reading; so that they will be informed of  their Spirit Guides are helping them in their journey. 

Please Note, This is Spirit Work and is not to be taken lightly, please contact me if you are serious about getting clarity and support  for your life.

Please allow up to 72 hours for a response.


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