You Are Creation Itself, so why not Create?

When we fully grasp what it means to bear God’s image, we are at once struck with the grandeur of our possibilities and the tragedy of our unrealized potential. To be fully human is to fully reflect God’s creative, spiritual, intelligent, communicative, relational, moral and purposeful capacities, and to do so holistically and synergistically. Furthermore, though all humans possess these godlike capacities, each of us has the potential to express them distinctively, because God’s image has been imprinted uniquely on each of us. In God’s infinite creativity there are no duplicates; you are the only you there has ever been or ever will be ~Dick Staub

I truly believe and know with every fiber of my Being, that I am Divine, inside and out ! I am Created from the energy of our Source. Therefore, I can freely use my Personal Power to Create the Life I my heart desires because

I am Creation Itself.

I can speak it !

I can create it !

I can live it !

and guess what…. So can YOU !!

It is my hope that you all will unlock YOUR Creativity.

Creativity is the essence for which we live. It is Power. We are created in God’s Image And we are all given the Will to Create. Be Creative. Go ahead, Create all the beautiful things YOUR heart can stand !

My prayer, is that YOU will unlock YOUR Creativity.

What has been on your heart to Create ?

Oracle Cards, Oh how they Serve

I am over the moon excited about incorporating Oracle Cards in my readings and using them as a stand alone reading as well. I have been using various decks for myself and others and they really allow me to provide more clarity for life circumstances for myself and others.  For those of you who are not familiar, Oracle Cards are a divination tool, much like the Tarot. They come in many decks, I have cards that call on Earth energies to Angel therapy. I just love them !

Oracle cards allow our Spirit Guides to be more even more specific in answer our questions or concerns. They also work on the law of attraction, which really means that we will attract the card we need according to our vibrations.  We can never go wrong !  Between vibrations and the Spirits, there is always clarity.

Oracle Cards can also provide past life knowledge, present and even future.

I like to use them in full phone readings as well as distant card readings. The have served me well.

Do any of  you work with Oracle Cards?

Would you be interested in a Reading?

Comment below, I would love to hear from you.

Love and Light to each of you.