I Am, Who I Am

I am feeling very vulnerable this morning, could be from lack of sleep or just because I need to share, I am in a place where I know I can not go back to the way I was, I can never be that person again, I know to much about myself now. I am in the process of accepting who I really am. To own my psychic/spiritual abilities and use them for good. It has been made clear that my gifts are handed down to me by my ancestors and even my own grandmother, bless her. It makes it even more, okay for me to know that my grandmother did her best to help reverse evil works and heal people, she was a prime example for me and a lot of things, I am not aware of because I was a child, I just seen her do so many nice things for folks in our community from advocating, offering a shelter, and now I have learned doing spiritual works. I have accepted that this is African Spirituality at its best, and that it is not wrong, and I am called to do the same. The world tells me its wrong. I know that there is light and dark in all us all therefore, believing in or practicing any spirituality will reflect that. I feel I am going against the grain and I can never return. Ignorance is bliss. I feel that I don’t want to be just grouped with “those people”, “devil worshipers” and those “bound for hell”, because that is not who I am. I do not and will never practice in such a manner. I am here to heal people through what has been passed down to me, and what is Divinely given. I feel like an outsider now. I feel have much to give yet much to learn. So, as I write these words, I have tears, I dunno if there are tears of sadness, of leaving behind the old me, or what it is really, but it’s need right now. I am changed and everything that I thought and taught was truth is no longer true for me, I am behind the veil. I have finally let myself go there. After, shutting this part of myself down. I can never go back and part of that saddens me. At the same time, I am free. This is who I am. I am a Spirit Messenger. I am a Healer.

Self-Acceptance is key to peace. Accept who you are, it’s a process worth going through.

2 thoughts on “I Am, Who I Am

  1. Kathy Tidrick says:

    I just finished writing to you, before I even found your website. After watching the video of you speaking on the home page I am very hopeful. The Pittsburgh connection got to me as I was born there. I had a huge Italian family that I lost when my mother died (I was 9 yrs) I just want to add that I “feel” you and thank your kind heart and beautiful, glowing spirit.


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