How I Became A Medium

There is power in moving intentionally, in Spirit and in the Physical realm. I want to share my experience with you all. I had a Soul Session with a lovely woman, whom I will not name.  Prior to beginning our session, we set the intention. The intention to allow Spirit to move. The intention to allow loved ones who have crossed over to speak. The intention to lean in love.   I want tell you, when you focus your energy in love and knowingness, the outcome will blow your mind, and catapult you into another frequency.  As a result of this intention, I had the honor of becoming a medium  for her loved one. I was able to channel a message. A message of love and light from her dear mother. Now, I have prior experiences of channeling and feeling the energy of someones loved ones; but this experience was truly powerful. My body went cold, almost frozen, as the message came through. I felt her mother’s pain and love.  This is the power of setting an intention. We connect with our Soul and Spirit through our feelings and then our thoughts. Know that when you set any intention in your life it first comes through Spirit and then you will see the manifestation in this realm at an appointed time when action is applied. We must always give the universe, something to work with !

You are free to use this power at any time, for your higher purpose. The key to setting any intention for your life is to align yourself with the purpose and  feeling.  You seal, the intention with love and gratitude. Now, there is a knowingness that comes with intention setting, that goes beyond faith. It’s the feeling that comes, when you know that it’s already here. When you set an intention, you want to capture the same feeling you will have once it manifests in the physical realm. How will you feel when you receive what you desire? What will it look like for you? What will you be doing ?

Imagine the feeling, connect with the Divine  through breathe  and seal it with gratitude.

Know that there is so much available to us.

All we have to do is create it intentionally through love and gratitude.

Are you encouraged? Do you desire some guidance in this?

I am here for you.

Blessings, Love and Light Send to each of You.

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