5 Ways You Can Be More Childlike

Do you remember when you were a child and you would stare up at the clouds and your imagination just went wild ! You were so at awe of things i nature, like clouds, stars, the moon and when it rained it tapped into your empathetic heart and you thought to yourself… Aww God is crying.  Well, that’s how I use to be as a child anyway.  I had the pleasure of gazing at the clouds and bathing in the sun rays this weekend. The short time spent reminded me of who amazing this world is and it brought back my childlike awe; which got me to thinking.  When was the last time “we” adults really allowed ourselves to freely go back into this state. To be childlike.  Aww the wonder of children.  They are curious, trusting, playful, kind, happy, kind, energetic, fun-loving and overall pleased with life.  They look forward to the best that life has to offer.  Ohh to be childlike.  They are creative little creatures and they make the most of anything and everything.  Children take things that we would deem as useless, such as a box and dream things into existence out of it.  This is what I aim to do, to tap into my childlike self on an ongoing basis. Will you join me ?

Here’s  a few tips:

1. Enjoy nature.  I freely took a few minutes sat on my porch, threw my head back and stared at the clouds.

2. Enjoy children.  If you have some or have access, observe them, they are a wonder and never cease to amaze !  Get down and play with them, learn from them. You will surprised with wonderful things come out of the mouth of babes !

3.  Create something, you know when you were a child, oh you couldn’t wait till art class to come ! Capture those feelings through creating, it can be any and everything, this is for enjoyment and play.

4.  Sing.  I do this all the time ! Make up silly songs, to sing to your loves ones, to yourself or to your plants !  This is my favorite thing to do.

5. Think of something you did in your childhood and reenact it.  For me, my mother has a green thumb, I was surrounding by plants as a child, I learned how to repot and do all kinds of things with house plants.  Do that thing ! and enjoy nostalgia every time!

So, this should get you started, right.

Now here’s the key…

Set the intention:

Decide that you will partake in activities for the purpose of tapping into your childlike self

Have fun:

Don’t over think this !  That’s the first step in tapping back in.

Capture the feeling. Bath in it. Wrap yourself in it. Be in the Moment. and Let it Linger on….

Tell me some ways you can tap back into your childlike self ?

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