Why You Should Embrace the ‘NO’

For many of us, the idea of being denied and hearing the word “NO” for any circumstances can be devastating and reinforce our fears.  Many times we  invest so much in that one “thing”  that we desire so much, that we become closed off to any other possibilities, solutions and means. To the end that we make life harder on ourselves because, in the long run, we find peace in that “No”. There is always a better way, that we can see at the moment. There are endless possibilities available to us at any given moment. It comes by leaning on love and trust. When we become closed up to any other possibility; we limit our ability to create and attract what would be the absolutely best for us at that particular time in our lives.

I found that in the midst of waiting for an answer, the fear-based obsession we develop around receiving, what we have set our minds to receive, can become so incredibly harmful to our wellbeing. We begin to doubt our worthiness to receive.  We usher in the fear drawn story to replay in our minds, you know the story that says, it will not work out, I don’t really deserve this, I’m not good enough, No one loves me and I can’t depend on anyone….  All of these things go on Super Re-play and it cuts off our breathe, literally, causing anxiety. It stiffens our willingness to create other ways and it puts us in a place of very low vibrations. We literally can’t think straight, because all we see is one way, and that one way is in jeopardy.

Give yourself space and room to accept that things may not work out the way that you planned, but it will work out for the very best for you at this time in your life.  Just know that his doesn’t mean that you don’t have faith, that you can’t manifest ! It means that your are open to receive blessings in infinite ways !  You are no longer limited !  You ar free to recieve in as many ways possible  ! As much as the grains of all the sand on all the earth !  Free yourself  today !

Remove all limitations from Yourself and our  Creator.

Here’s how:

1. Take a deep breathe.

2. Take another deep breathe.

3. Take on more deep breathe.

4. Put your hand on your heart.

5. and Speak out loud:  I am open to receive infinite ways, blessings, ideas and solutions. I call them forth Now.

6. Breath again

7. Lean into this love and freedom you have created for yourself.

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