Why Busyness Don’t Equal Progress

busy personThere comes a time in our pursuits that’d we have to slow down and nurture ourselves. Those of us who are givers, who have a cause, who are on a divine mission are relentless in their duties.  Sometimes, we don’t know how to take care of ourselves and we get caught up in busyness. Most of the time the answer is to stop the busyness and just be. Just Be. Again I say… Just Be. Know that you have done enough in this moment; and it’s time to care for you. Everything else will be there when you get back. Listen, when we got to busy we cease to be as effective in our mission; because we are not operating from a place of alignment and completeness.

Trust me,  I know, we are all learning balance in this dream walk. However, many of us haven’t quite yet gotten there and that’s okay. So when you are feeling unaligned, when you suffer physical alignment of any kind, when you are feeling boggled down emotionally and mentally, you know that it’s time to reconnect with yourself, your truth and your Divine.  It’s time to sprinkle some Love on you.


As my words nurture others,
so do they nurture me.

Remember, self-love is not selfish. Taking time to nurture yourself is necessary; not because of your cause, and responsibilities. It’s necessary simply because you are your number one priority. Take care of yourself through Divine Love; because you alone are worth your love and attention. I know, it takes time to develop this mindset without guilt or an alter intention of doing it for others. Today, I have learned this through pain.  So let me spare you. Pain is an indicator. It’s a signal to get our attention; but an ounce of prevention goes a long way.  Carve out time for yourself. Do simple things to check in with yourself throughout the day. Perhaps, set your celly alarm to remind yourself to take a deep breathe. Sit quietly for a minute. Be mindful by starting your day with grace, give yourself time in the a.m. Likewise, end your day with gratitude; this could simply be counting your blessings from throughout the day. Heck, count your blessings during the day for even more elevation !

Focus on one thing at a time ! Yes I said it, I know we live in a world of multi-tasking, but give it a shot, start and finish jut one thing. You will feel so good. I mean it ! Don’t stop, don’t get on social media. Don’t check your e-mail. Start on a task and finish. Whoosah.

All of these simple but powerful things will keep us aligned with ourselves and the Divine as we manifest our Destiny.

So, do you need to recover from to much busyness ? What ways do you think you can practice prevention?

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