Why You Should Embrace the ‘NO’

For many of us, the idea of being denied and hearing the word “NO” for any circumstances can be devastating and reinforce our fears.  Many times we  invest so much in that one “thing”  that we desire so much, that we become closed off to any other possibilities, solutions and means. To the end that we make life harder on ourselves because, in the long run, we find peace in that “No”. There is always a better way, that we can see at the moment. There are endless possibilities available to us at any given moment. It comes by leaning on love and trust. When we become closed up to any other possibility; we limit our ability to create and attract what would be the absolutely best for us at that particular time in our lives.

I found that in the midst of waiting for an answer, the fear-based obsession we develop around receiving, what we have set our minds to receive, can become so incredibly harmful to our wellbeing. We begin to doubt our worthiness to receive.  We usher in the fear drawn story to replay in our minds, you know the story that says, it will not work out, I don’t really deserve this, I’m not good enough, No one loves me and I can’t depend on anyone….  All of these things go on Super Re-play and it cuts off our breathe, literally, causing anxiety. It stiffens our willingness to create other ways and it puts us in a place of very low vibrations. We literally can’t think straight, because all we see is one way, and that one way is in jeopardy.

Give yourself space and room to accept that things may not work out the way that you planned, but it will work out for the very best for you at this time in your life.  Just know that his doesn’t mean that you don’t have faith, that you can’t manifest ! It means that your are open to receive blessings in infinite ways !  You are no longer limited !  You ar free to recieve in as many ways possible  ! As much as the grains of all the sand on all the earth !  Free yourself  today !

Remove all limitations from Yourself and our  Creator.

Here’s how:

1. Take a deep breathe.

2. Take another deep breathe.

3. Take on more deep breathe.

4. Put your hand on your heart.

5. and Speak out loud:  I am open to receive infinite ways, blessings, ideas and solutions. I call them forth Now.

6. Breath again

7. Lean into this love and freedom you have created for yourself.

Love Note #7

 My Divine,  I want you to know this: You are all you will ever need to Succeed in this Life.  You have everything built right in ! I know it can be hard to see at times, because of past failures, regrets and the endless fear driven messages of this world. BUT- Know this, you are Powerful ! You are Great ! You are a Creative Force to be Reckon With ! You are Amazing ! Your are Unstoppable ! Your are Love ! You are Abundant in Peace ! You are Abundant in People ! Your are Abundant in Peace !  You are Walking in Your Dreams ! Keep Going Divine ! Before You know it- You will Manifest all that Your Heart Desire !  I Believe with You and I Believe For You !  Blessings, Love and Light Send Your Way Today and Everyday.

Divinely Yours,




P.S.  Holy Scripture for You:

2 Timothy 1:7

For  God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.

Two Words You Can’t Live Without !

2014-01-31-f83e8c8da77617464e0e49574bae13911.jpgThere is so much power that comes with these two words:  I BELIEVE. When we believe in something, we care about it, we love it and we desire it. We accept it has our truth. This is heart work, no matter how many mantras or affirmations we say,all of it will be null and void without Belief. Oh how powerful is it when we put those two words before something !!!


How powerful is it when we just say the words alone.


It stretches us in the direction of our Truth.


It gives weight to the higher authority outside of us.

It provides sweet release.


When we say that we BELIEVE in something, we automatically connect with the Divine.

When we say we BELIEVE in others, we automatically connect with the Divinity within them.

And, when we say we BELIEVE in ourselves, we call on the Divinity within our being.

Believing activates us. It is the seed of truth. Believing allows us to take small but might steps into manifesting our destiny. If you stop and think about any desire you have ever manifested in your life. What does it start with ? At some point you whispered to yourself…. I BELIEVE. Or you told someone with conviction-I BELIEVE !

Just a simple phrase. But it carries so much Divine energy.

Now, you see this is a gift, this is power. Believing activates us, it causes us to move in the direction that we desire, which in turns opens up the universe. The atmosphere responds to our actions, to our beliefs.

Mantras and Affirmations aid in our mindfulness, but Belief comes from Soul, it comes from Heart and it transforms our Minds. It set’s us up to manifest that which we desire.

These powerful words- I BELIEVE- is the seed of Truth.  What we desire can not shift into reality without it.

So, when you are dealing with unbelief, simply pray for it. That’s it, pray about your unbelief. Sprinkle some love on it. Believing in Big things requires us to stretch and it can get pretty uncomfortable. Just know that you are one step away from making that thing your reality.

The future belongs to those, who BELIEVE in the beauty of their Dreams.~Eleanor Roosevelt.

Why Busyness Don’t Equal Progress

busy personThere comes a time in our pursuits that’d we have to slow down and nurture ourselves. Those of us who are givers, who have a cause, who are on a divine mission are relentless in their duties.  Sometimes, we don’t know how to take care of ourselves and we get caught up in busyness. Most of the time the answer is to stop the busyness and just be. Just Be. Again I say… Just Be. Know that you have done enough in this moment; and it’s time to care for you. Everything else will be there when you get back. Listen, when we got to busy we cease to be as effective in our mission; because we are not operating from a place of alignment and completeness.

Trust me,  I know, we are all learning balance in this dream walk. However, many of us haven’t quite yet gotten there and that’s okay. So when you are feeling unaligned, when you suffer physical alignment of any kind, when you are feeling boggled down emotionally and mentally, you know that it’s time to reconnect with yourself, your truth and your Divine.  It’s time to sprinkle some Love on you.


As my words nurture others,
so do they nurture me.

Remember, self-love is not selfish. Taking time to nurture yourself is necessary; not because of your cause, and responsibilities. It’s necessary simply because you are your number one priority. Take care of yourself through Divine Love; because you alone are worth your love and attention. I know, it takes time to develop this mindset without guilt or an alter intention of doing it for others. Today, I have learned this through pain.  So let me spare you. Pain is an indicator. It’s a signal to get our attention; but an ounce of prevention goes a long way.  Carve out time for yourself. Do simple things to check in with yourself throughout the day. Perhaps, set your celly alarm to remind yourself to take a deep breathe. Sit quietly for a minute. Be mindful by starting your day with grace, give yourself time in the a.m. Likewise, end your day with gratitude; this could simply be counting your blessings from throughout the day. Heck, count your blessings during the day for even more elevation !

Focus on one thing at a time ! Yes I said it, I know we live in a world of multi-tasking, but give it a shot, start and finish jut one thing. You will feel so good. I mean it ! Don’t stop, don’t get on social media. Don’t check your e-mail. Start on a task and finish. Whoosah.

All of these simple but powerful things will keep us aligned with ourselves and the Divine as we manifest our Destiny.

So, do you need to recover from to much busyness ? What ways do you think you can practice prevention?