There comes moments in our dream walk that we face obstacles, many times this gives way to feelings of doubt.  There will be times where we doubt ourselves, our team, and dare I say,  our Source.  We wonder if the universe is really here supporting us. We wonder if things are really going to work out; we grow weary in optimism; frustrated in acts. I want you to know that it’s okay.  Here are some tips that you can do when you are feeling doubtful, overwhelmed and uncertain while facing obstacles in your journey.

1. RELAX AND DISTRACT: I understand, remaining positively certain in building your dreams requires dedication and mind power, and action. Sometimes we just need to take a moment — relax and distract.  Many times doubt comes when we feel overwhelmed; especially, when it appears that we have hit a wall.  Take a chill pill, seriously you don’t have to be “on” all the time.  Learn to self soothe, take some deep breathes, read something funny. RELAX ! Next, DISTRACT- Believe it or not when engage in something else; the solution you need will float right on up. There is magic in healthy distraction.  I don’t know how many times, I felt overwhelmed in my process, and ideas come to me when I was nursing my baby, washing the dishes or taking a shower !!! Our brains work magically.

2. RELAX AND RECALL: Relax, in the best way you know how, I find that deep breathing is best, even gazing out of a widow helps clear my mind. Then, take a trip down memory lane, sometimes when we feel an overwhelming amount of doubt in our lives is because we are anxious about our future. Most people what tell you to live in the here and now. I believe that, living in the here in now, requires effort and when we are feeling overwhelmed and anxiously doubtful, we are not thinking about ‘being in the moment’. We need a solution to ease the pain.  So, I’m suggesting that you recall a time in your life where, you overcame. Call on one of your success and think about the ups and downs in that process. Think about how you came through it with grace.  This situation is no different ! You will accomplish this next step in your dream building.  Just relax and recall. Take some deep breathes and allow yourself to go back.  You will be surprised.  Now, I dare you to grab your handy dandy journal, pen and write it out.  You might even find some golden nuggets in there. Some solutions that you used in the past, that can be applied in your current situation.

3. RELAX AND RELEASE:  Okay some times we should take feelings of doubt as a warning. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Maybe you just have to release.  Ask yourself, is this matter at hand necessary for your success? If you stop at this moment will the world end ? Is it best that you stop and go back to the drawing board? You know the answer.  Sometimes we take on things that are unnecessary, sometimes we just don’t know how to let go and sometimes what we thought was best in the moment wasn’t and that’s okay. We are human. We are learning as we go.  Give yourself permission to release.  That’s it. Relax  and Release. It’s okay. You have all right to do so !  No one has a right to judge how you go through your process.

Now, there you have it, these are my 3 tips for dealing with feelings of doubt and frustration and handling obstacles while walking in your dreams.

“It still holds true that man is most uniquely human when he turns obstacles into opportunities.” –Eric Hoffer


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