Why you should be Pinning on Purpose

How many of you are on Pinterest ?  Are you using it as a Manifestation Tool?

Pinterest is a beautiful tool, to use to encourage your faith in actualizing your vision. I came across a lovely video where a one lady’s dream was to get engaged and married on the same day. So she took it to Pint erst, she posted her life into existence !!! Although there are other  wonderful visualization tools that we can use that are tangible, why not Pin on Purpose !  We spend a lot of time browsing the internet anyway, start using that time to put energy towards accomplishing your next goal and ultimately manifesting your vision. It’s Easy, you can start off by just creating a new board, label it My Dream, My Vision and viola start pinning ! You know what your heart desires ! Now after you have Pinned, it’s time to take Action ! Go ahead, your safe to dream, and remember -all big things start small. Every action counts !  Blessings, Love and Light send your way ❤




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