Love Note #1

Dear Sweet Lady,

Don’t you know who you are?  Oh how wonderful is your glow.  The love that radiates from your soul.. Look a bit closer, can’t you see, what I see?  It’s the beauty deep within you that captivates me.  It’s the love the wraps around you and keeps you safe. It’s the  sweet water that you pour onto those who are thirsty and in need.  You are free to receive.. You are free to receive…

Your own self-love.

Let it infuse you and propel you to reach higher, to reach places that you thought was limited to you.  Reach Divine Reach !

You will accomplish that which you desire… If you will only give yourself permission to Be.

Say it out loud, scream it to the roof tops, I am love, I am light and I am free. ❤


Divinely Yours,


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