How to Unlock Your Blessings


Hey there !

Do you need to forgive someone or somebody’s ? Or have you forgiven those person’s but still feel like you would like you need to speak your peace? Then listen up…

Many times we wonder why we are not attracting what would like to receive in our lives, this could be mates, money, friendship, and the list goes on.  The pain that we have experienced either from loved ones, peers or just random people passing through our lives have put us in a space of scarcity. Yes, I believe that lack of forgiveness blocks our blessings. Why ?  Because when we don’t forgive those who hurt us in any way, we carry the burden with us.  That monkey is hanging on us day in and day out ! This lack of forgiveness can be seen in lack of trust for in ourselves, lack of self-care, lack of self-worth, lack of self-compassion, lack of self-acceptance.. You get the picture, this is what I mean by SCARCITY.  When someone pains us and we don’t forgive and release the pain, it foster’s in our subconscious and we begin to believe that some how this was our fault, some how we deserved what happened to us.  The very best gift that we can give to ourselves is forgiveness. Creating a space of awareness is key. I believe that we can do in a really simple way.  By raising a question :

Ask yourself, who do I need to forgive ?

Believe it or not your soul is ready to forgive !  Your soul and heart are TIRED of carrying all that pain, it’s time to release beloved, it’s time.

Now, because I am a writer, I believe that healing comes through words. It has been a sure way for me to practice healing that comes from trusting my inner wisdom. You see deep inside we know what we need to do and say in order to heal.  Do I have your permission to share a technique ?  Okay, thanks for trusting me to speak into your life.  What you can do is get yourself in a quiet place, a space where you feel safe. Get your handy dandy journal and pen, and good ‘ol H2O.  Now, here comes the moment of truth. I want you to search your heart, write down all the names of people, that your soul is telling you to forgive.

I know, how do you get into this head and heart space to even come up with the names ?  Breathe and relaxation is key.  Now listen, you will need to mindfully set the tone for your activity, this means literally tell yourself that you are safe and you are loved. So after you got all your supplies, pen, journal and some water:

Get yourself, in a safe space in your home, or where ever you may be.

Get in a comfy position, turn your palms up

and just start breathing, breath normally, listen to your breathe ,

take some deep breathes, I always to at least 5 but if you need more, go ahead,

the key here is to get yourself relaxed and cleared and ready to trust.

Give yourself permission to tap into your truth:

Now, take a few more deep breathes and say… Say it out loud

I am loved, I am safe, I give myself full permission to explore, breathe

I am loved, I am safe, I give myself full permission to explore, breathe

I am loved, I am safe, I give myself full permission to explore, breathe

All your doing here, is practicing self-trust, your are tapping into your inner wisdom to guide you, you know what is needed for your healing.

This is about YOU not the person who harmed YOU. This is about your peace, love and light. This about unblocking the stuff that may be blocking your blessings.

Now, grab you journal and pen, ask yourself, who do I need to forgive… write down those names, if you start feeling unsafe, feeling resistance, just go back, breathe and repeat the mantra: I am loved, I am safe, I give myself permission to explore.

Now, if you can only get out one person, than so be it, take time and practice this healing exercise.  After, you got your list, write down all the reasons why you should forgive those individuals.. See you have to buy into forgiveness, I can’t tell you why, you have to believe this thing for yourself. But I will share what I believe.

I believe that I have forgiven those who wronged me, I believe that I was able to do this through love, compassion. I understand that we are all Divine and Human thus human-Being and I know that when we are in are humanness we can get pretty Messy. I know that when I get into my hu-mess, I desire love and forgiveness form the one that I hurt. I have learned compassion, and real simple, Give what you would want to receive. Give the gift of forgiveness.. because there will be a time when you will need it. This is a mental shift. I believe that when we truly forgive a person, it spiritually releases them from us and we can remove some of those blocks that are keeping us from our blessings.

Are you ready to continue?  If not just sit with your list, and your reasons, until you are ready to carry on.. this is about your timing. Didn’t make it through the reasons, it’s OKAY, take time, go at your pace..

But if you made it through your list and reasons to forgive. It’s time to write a letter to that person.

Get it out ! Put it all out there, write till your heart is cleared until you feel FREE ! Go ahead you have permission.  Need to cry? Go ahead, Need to scream ? Go ahead, but whatever you do, don’t stop writing, breathe through it, go with it, you will be so happy you did, keep reminding yourself that this is for you ! That you are safe and you are loved !  I know you can do it !

I send you (((Courage))))

Go through this process, with every name on your list.

Oh, you don’t know that person’s name but you imagine how they looked to you, or you know the place, then imagine their face and that place as you write…it’s okay. Visualization is a safe tool for us to use as well.

Now what, so you made it through a letter, do what feels right to you with it, do you wanna toss it, do you wanna put it in the mail with no return address, do you want to hold on to them as a reminder.. do what feels right for you.. this is all about you. I know that I am not presenting anything new here.. but there is a true correlation between forgiveness, self-love and unlocking our blessings. You see, I believe that as we take care of ourselves, as we love on ourselves, we can easily manifest our dreams.  Forgiveness is a sure way to remove blocks that are keeping us from actualizing what we desire.

I hope that you, take part in this healing tool, I believe that many of us are haunted by past events, past pains, and that we need to forgive and release some people, and in doing so , we can unblock and unlock our blessings. Ultimately, when we forgive others, we no longer feel pain, we no longer feel unsafe, we can then love on ourselves because we know we are worthy, we can then attract what we desire.  Does this make sense ?  If you need to contact me please do.. I would love to assist you through this process.

Blessings, Love and Light.

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